Proposal on the rooftop with German couple Anna and Max

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This summer showed us that we take so many things for granted. Possibility to travel to any place in the word is an amazing gift, which we missed so much in 2020. Thankfully travel between European countries was available. But due to uncertainty this year so many photo shoots were scheduled at the last minute and this photo shoot was no exception. When I got the inquiry from Max, I learned that he wanted to do a photo shoot and during the shoot ask Anna to marry him. So we arranged the shoot in Oia, as it is the most amazing place for a proposal!

We spent our time in the picturesque town, the iconic blue churches set against the cute white washed houses, magnificent cliffs, so basically it feels like walking through a postcard. We ended up having to do the session during the windiest weather, and sometimes it’s seriously windy on the islands like Santorini and Mykonos! Like 40-50km/h! Despite the wind, we had so much fun exploring the town together. Oia is ideal little town to just get lost in! And so we did!

Here are some pictures and a small iPhone video from their special moment, the Santorini proposal.

Looking for information regarding Santorini Proposal? Check HERE
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