What should I not miss while visiting Santorini

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What should I not miss while visiting Santorini

While planning your Santorini trip, it’s very easy to get lost in the abundance of information available on different chat forums, travel magazines and Google recommendations. I come up with a list of things you might not want to miss while visiting this beautiful island, especially if your stay here is short.

Go on a boat trip. There are plenty of options to go on a day trip on a sailboat or catamaran.   You will be able to visit the stunning Red Beach, White Beach, go on a hike on the volcano, swim in the hot springs while enjoying the magnificent views of the caldera and villages that spill down the cliffs. You will end the day at the north side of the island, where you will enjoy the famous Santorini sunset, while sipping local wine.

If you enjoy hiking, Santorini offers tons of options for that too. The most picturesque will undoubtedly be the hike from Fira to Oia. Bring your camera with you and you will end up with hundreds of great shots, as this trail takes you from the capital of the island, through some of the most beautiful cliffside villages along the side of caldera. Another great option is the hike to the highest point of the island, the Profitis Ilias monastery. It offers a 360º view of Santorini and surrounding islands. If you are into history, you can walk the trail to the top of Mesa Vouno mountain and visit Ancient Thira, the old capital of the island.

Speaking of history, make sure to visit the excavations of the prehistoric settlement in Akrotiri. Walking the tiny streets of this ancient town you will be transported in time, but make sure to also visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira, where most of the finds from the Ancient Akrotiri are being preserved and displayed for the visitors. The easiest way to visit Akrotiri is by bus, but if you prefer following your own timetable, you should definitely rent a car. Santorini is a small island, it takes less than an hour to drive from north to south, but don’t count on that, as you will be stopping frequently to enjoy yet another breathtaking view and asking passersby to take a photo of you.

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