Top 3 Santorini beaches for watching the sunrise

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Top 3 Santorini beaches for watching the sunrise

Santorini is a place for exploring beaches for sure. It’s volcanic origin comes with some of the most unique beach spots in Greece – some small secret beach pockets, some black volcanic sand, rocky, sandy – Santorini has it all! And another thing that is a classic around here, is watching the sun. Around the sunrise and sunset people gather to be washed over with the golden hour light and feel truly connected to this small spot in the Aegean Sea.

Some spots are better than others for this, and every local will tell you that they have a secret spot. Especially when it comes to the actual placement of the sun, it gets tricky – Santorini has a lot of rocks that cat essentially block your view to the whole morning show. Well, today might be your lucky day, because I’m willing to share :)

Kamari beach has a very special quiet vibe in the early morning. The usually bustling and busy place turns into a serene spot for a calming sunrise dip. With its  caldera shining in the golden morning light, the warm morning water is both refreshing and calming at the same time.

Perissa beach has the black volcanic sand, that has its own unique vibe in the golden morning sunlight. Early morning also might be the perfect time to go there, because the black color of the sand absorbs a lot of the sunlight heat, sometimes up to the point that you cannot walk on it in midday. So if you want to have an empty black sand beach, walk barefoot and have the most calming swim of your life a sunrise Perissa visit is for you.

And finally, cannot forget about Monolithos. It’s especially stunning in mornings where there is a slight gust of wind and its pure azure water gets slightly wavy. With only a couple or no people around at all, you get transported into the old days of Santorini, when life was more simple and there were no tourist crowds. Definite favorite for a rejuvenating morning swim on the slow currents.

So here they are, some of the spots. As a local, of course you always keep a couple of more places hidden. But I visit those with my photoshoot couples regardless, so it’s not that hard to guess :)

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And Perfect hidden Santorini beach

Sunrise photo from me,
Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

The ultimate Santorini Instagram spot list – the best places to level up your profile

The ultimate Santorini Instagram spot list – the best places to level up your profile


This small island in the Aegean Sea could be the most Instagramable place on earth – there are small alleys, white church domes, cliffs and lots of other picturesque places and small details literally everywhere you go. But some places are true gems, and today you get the insider knowledge on where to head to take your Instagram game to the next level!


Red Beach

The Red Beach of Santorini is the perfect place for your laid back exploring shots while getting your tan on. This is a volcanic island and the red color of the sand is the proof for it – the red sand is literally formed from the elements remaining from the volcanic eruptions that formed the whole island, how cool is that!?


Oia Blue Domes and Oia crosses

The Oia church domes and the cross are among the most essential Santorini views. The traditional cathedral has nice views and the essential Santorini architecture look. The most daring even go up to the cross – be careful, this is more dangerous than it looks. The best time to arrive is early afternoon, when there’s not so many people around.


Oia Castle

This place is usually crowded in sunsets, and it’s for a good reason! The views from there are majestic. Here’s a pro Instagram tip – instead of lining up with hordes of tourists, get up nice and early and go for the sunrise, it’s even more beautiful!


Santorini Doors

Keep an eye out for the unique doors all over the island. It’s a great opportunity to frame portraits and get creative. The best thing is that there are hundreds of them and you can discover new ones every day! Watch these types of details and you’ll be amazed of the little things.


Other honorable mentions

There are many other really good Santorini Instagram spots, here’s a small rundown of the remaining essential ones: Amoudi Bay, Imerovigli steps and of course the wonderful small streets of Eborio or Pyrgos. These are some of the top places, but I encourage you to stay curious and look around everywhere you go in Santorini, there are hidden unknown gems everywhere – I live here and I never run out of things to photograph :)


Photos by Anna Sulte, photographer based in Santorini

Some Santorini PRO tips from couples

Some Santorini PRO tips from couples


I have shared some tips about staying in Santorini already, but I keep meeting couples for photoshoots and all of them have experienced something nice on the island as well. So today I thought I could give you a roundup of some tips I’ve actually heard from them.


So here are some Santorini tourist hacks:


  • They highly recommend the cable car in Fira. I can only agree, one of the best views of volcano and lava rocks on the island!
  • Sailing is fun of course! Look for boat trips that have “snacks” on board included in the price. Depending on how lucky you are, these can actually turn out to be pretty substantial Greek meals.
  • Buses usually have lines of people waiting for them. If you do not want to be left waiting for the next one, check the departure schedule and arrive around 10 min earlier
  • Places to eat: some places I keep hearing again and again from you guys are 1800, Dimitris and Lolita’s Gelato. Also Kapari Wine restaurant, especially if you manage to book one of the limited tables overlooking the Caldera. What can I say, I can only agree – you have good taste :)
  • Best places to stay include Astra Suites, Grace Hotel and Kapari Natural resort, especially if you’re looking for that authentic Santorini Greek style architecture.


Hope this helps with your holiday plans. If you want to find out more, just scroll back to some of the older posts where I cover each of the towns on Santorini in detail!


Some of the best brunch spots in Santorini

Some of the best brunch spots in Santorini


Brunch – the ultimate holiday meal. Choosing the right place for this is a big deal. So here’s a fast rundown of some of the best places you might consider when looking for a relaxed brunch in Santorini!


Terra Nera

Agios Georgios, Perivolos 84703, Greece

Coffee and grill house – what could be more suitable for a filling brunch!? Combined with the Aegean sea side this is for sure one of the top places to head!


Cafe Galini

Hotel Galini, Firostefani 84700, Greece

Nice minimalistic Greek interior,  bright and cozy – try the pancakes, they’re awesome! And of course, beautiful views for dessert!


FlyAway Creative Restaurant &Bar

Eparchiaki Odos Firon – Ias | West East Suites, Imerovigli 84700, Greece

Creatively served excellent food with the backdrop of an amazing view on a glass terrace with infinity pools. Very dreamy if you manage to get a table outside and the weather is in your favour.


Kantouni Traditional delicacies

Central Square, Pyrgos 847 00, Greece

More down to earth and serving mostly very traditional simple Greek food – but it’s finger licking good! Also a good place if you’re looking to save some money but still get a great meal.



Leoforos Megalou Alexandrou, Kamari 847 00, Greece

Lot’s of healthy and fresh foods – juices, salads etc. People say this is still one of the best spots to go for dessert :)


Some other spots that won’t disappoint

Google these if you’re looking for more options – Santa Irini Bakery in Perissa, Pelican Kipos in Fira, Brusco Wine Coffee Deli  in Pyrgos, ”Chocolat” Creperie – Pasteria – Cafe  in Perissa

Hope this gives you some ideas for your next great meal. Who knows, maybe we meet there! :)


Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

The dreaded dilemma – Santorini vs Mykonos.

The dreaded dilemma – Santorini vs Mykonos.

Let me just start off with pointing out that you will have a great time on both of these Greek islands, no doubt! And now let’s get ready to rumble!

In the right corner of the ring – Mykonos:

  • This is considered the best party island in Greece. If you want to dance till sunrise with your buddies, this is definitely the place for you!
  • They have clubs with such awesome names as Paradise and Super Paradise which are filled with super high quality thumping club music. These attract famous DJs whose sets usually run into the next day.
  • Sandy aches with clear water to rejuvenate you after the parties.
  • Not too family friendly, it will be harder to find things to do for the little ones.

And in the left corner of the ring – Santorini:

  • Mostly known as the best destination for loving couples, many even arrive to the island from abroad to get married in its scenic destinations.
  • More cafes and restaurants with a quiet and chilled vibe.
  • Swimming pools with STUNNING views, like infinity pools that end on the edge of cliffs overlooking the Volcanic Lagoon.
  • All types of interesting and different beaches, like black beaches formed from volcanic sand.
  • More family friendly, you can for example go on horse rides and go to a waterpark. If you take kids, double check that with your hotel – some hotels are on a Cliffside and they do not allow children for safety reasons.


The winner: Well, nothing in life is easy. You decide it’s subjective and depends on your needs. But this should help clear up your mind, at least. Whatever you do, make sure to come to Santorini someday.  See you there.

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte



Fira is, of course, the gem of the island of Santorini. If the time of your stay here on the island is limited for some reason, you can just visit it and really take in the various opportunities and sights it has to offer. It lies on the caldera opposite the volcano, so you can be sure that the views will be no less than awesome. However, it does not end there – Fira has much more!

The town has loads of museums, galleries and hosts many cultural events. Moreover, it also has the biggest shopping centre and a large choice of places to dine and entertain – this is the place where nightlife is bustling on the island of Santorini.

The town has one of the largest varieties of architecture and variuous cultural landmarks that have preserved from the times when the island was ruled by Turks as well one of the oldest, largest and most scenic ports in Santorini.

If you’re looking for the perfect village for all sorts of activities and want to enjoy a big selection of various restaurants, hotels and places for entertainment, Fira is probably the perfect place for you!


Santorini photography by Anna Sulte, Thera based photographer.



            Sunsets are a big deal on the small and romantic Greek island of Santorini. It is so much so that people here have figured out various ways how to enjoy this spectacle of nature in various ways. One of them is a sunset cruise.

            A sunset cruise is a special boat ride organized right at the time of the sunset. It allows you to get a different viewpoint to enjoy the final minutes of daylight, usually accompanied by dinner on board. This is definitely a good way of taking a look at Santorini from a different angle – not only you’ll be looking at the sun as it slowly dives into the sea, you will also have the chance to see the beautiful villages of Santorini as you’ve never experienced before. Warm evenings with city lights turning on.

            As it is with all good things in life, there are some drawbacks. In the case of sunset cruises, it is very often the price or having to deal with the company of others on board. Of course you would like to be alone with your loved one as this magical spectacle unveils, but unfortunately, if you’re not up for paying a fortune, there will be other tourists there.

            Regardless, this is a magical experience that should be enjoyed if you visit Santorini.

More tips for Santorini explores here – Santorini tips for travelers.


Santorini holiday photography. Anna Sulte.



            The island of Santorini in Greece has magnificent looks and a perfect atmosphere. No wonder that it is enjoyed by celebrities as well. I’ll give you a couple of hints on who you might meet on a casual walk around the cobblestone streets surrounded by tiny houses.

            Of course, I must say that I am by no means a celebrity expert or paparazzi, this is only some of the knowledge that is based on things I’ve heard from locals and on some internet research. Angelina Jolie has to be one of the most popular celebrities that is said to regularly visit the island together with her children. The island must have become dear to her during the shooting of Tomb Raider (some scenes in of the Cradle of Life were shot here). It has been said that there’s a couple who were amazed by the beauty of this small island and have been hooked since – it’s Shakira and her husband footballer Gerard Piqué. If you’re super lucky, you might run into Johnny Depp – that is, if you can recognise one of his many, many looks. Although some sources say that he always takes good care of secrecy when travelling to avoid being disturbed.

            So keep your eyes open, you might notice some familiar faces among the other tourists enjoying the views and perfect weather of this small and scenic Greek island.

santorini-photographer-travel-tips-what-to-do santorini-greece-traveling-romatic-tips-questions



            If you have ever been to a Greek souvenir shop or plan to go to one, you will most definitely run into the kind of blue eye that is made in glass. It’s a very popular symbol and it almost always is from Greece when you ask some person wearing it in a necklace, key chain, earrings or a million of other ways. It is popular all right, but few know that it has more than the iconic and classic looks – this souvenir has a very distinct meaning as well.

            They call this το μάτι (to máti) in Greek, and it is actually an “evil eye” – an amulet that is supposed to protect you from a curse that is said to be cast by envious people.         Whether you believe such things or not is up to you, but if you decide to buy it now you’ll at least know that this is not just an ordinary piece of pretty Greek glass.




            Have I already told you that Santorini is a fantastic place? Many film directors seem to think the same – that is why this small Greek island has already shown off some of its looks in a couple of films. Maybe you have already seen a part of this island and just have not noticed it? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect film to get you into the sunny Greek mood before your trip? Take a look at this list!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)

This is probably the most popular films in which you can see the classic Caldera and small Greek houses that are enjoyed by tourists and lovers alike. Have to say that the scene is rather brief, but memorable – it’s right at the beginning of the film, when a Greek wedding is interrupted by an earthquake (quite fitting, since the whole island was created by a massive volcano eruption and seismic activity thousands of years ago).

Summer Lovers (1982)

A bit old and unknown, but this shows off all the Greek island beauty. It’s a film about an American couple who meet a French woman on their tour to Greek islands and they develop a kind of love triangle relationship. For people who are looking for something romantic and hot for their holiday start.

The sisterhood of travelling pants (2005) and the sisterhood of Travelling Pants 2

A light and cheerful film about four best friends who each head out to different places on the globe and have a rather amusing plan of how to stay connected – sharing that perfect pair of yeans that fit each of them ideally. Choose this if you’re not looking for something too serious, maybe with a glass of Greek wine.

This should get you ready for your trip. Athough no film can capture the beauty of the place you see in person, but they’re a good start to get into the right travel mood.


Vacation photographer Anna Sulte 2016



As part of my Santorini village blog series, it is time to explore the unique Megalochori village. This is one of the oldest villages on the island – the first records mentioning the island date back to the 17th century. It lies less than 10 km away from Fira, but it has its own characteristics and vibe.

Not only is it old, it is super scenic as well. It is all you could dream of when coming to a small Greek village – narrow streets that lead up hills littered with small little white houses with small enclosed gardens, and some magnificent classic Greek churches in between it all. You can really get lost in the labyrinth of the small streets here, very often you might end up in some place serving the local wine which is of top quality. The famous Boutari winery is widely known in all of Greece – the local volcanic soil really makes Santorini one of the most unique vine grape growing regions on the planet, and Megalochori is a great place to explore the wine culture of the small island of Santorini.

When your small street labyrinth walk leads you to the main square, it is definitely time to enjoy a tasty meal in one of the local taverns found there. The locals here are really active and this is a vibrant place even after the tourism season ends. So, if you ever want to feel a taste of the Greek lifestyle, you can go there in autumn as well. If you’re looking for an authentic winery experience, it is worth taking a look around on various volunteering websites – the local wine grape growers sometimes post job postings during the grape harvest. Who knows – maybe you were meant to be a wine grower on this Greek island!?

Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--4 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-3Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--2 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-4 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--3 Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece- santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-2




            Emporio is the largest village of Santorini, but it has more to it than just its size. It is located around 12 km away from Fira town and yet it has its own vibe and feel to it.

            It is one of the five traditional medieval fortified settlements of Santorini, so it has its own face that can tell a lot about that particular time period on the Greek islands. The look of the village has been very influenced by the tradition to build houses side by side to protect themselves and neighbours from pirate attacks, which were fairly common around these parts of Greece. The placement of the marvellous church of Agios Nikolaos Marmaritis of Emporio is also very traditional – it sits right before the entrance of the village.

            The Santorini village of Emporio can really spoil its inhabitants and tourists with spectacular views, above it lies a mountain ridge of Gavrilos, which hides some mysterious and recently discovered ruins that date back to the Byzantine period. Another rather popular site are the windmills that can be seen when you drive to this village from Fira.

            Emporio is worth a visit for anyone who wants to experience a breeze from the medieval times and how it combines with the modern day island of Santorini. Truly an interesting place with lots of unique views backgrounds for photo sessions!

Santorini-travel-Greece-photographer-explore-summer-001 Santorini-travel-Greece-photographer-explore-summer-005 Thera-Santorini-destination-travel-lifestyle-location-spots-003 Santorini-travel-Greece-photographer-explore-summer-002 Santorini-travel-Greece-photographer-explore-summer-004 Thera-Santorini-destination-travel-lifestyle-location-spots-005 Santorini-travel-Greece-photographer-explore-summer-003 Thera-Santorini-destination-travel-lifestyle-location-spots-004






                 Alright, I know what you’re thinking – why would the Greek island of Santorini have heated swimming pools!? It’s like around +30 degrees there in the summer, right? Well, it’s kind of right, but the tourism season extends well beyond the hottest periods, and there are times when the nights get rather cold… but everyone enjoys a good dip in the water, don’t they? That is why you should take care and find out if your desired hotel has a heated swimming pool (you know, just in case :) ). I have done some research and prepared a small list to get you started.

If you are looking for the Caldera view:

Astra Suites

This hotel is perched on one of the most beautiful volcanic cliffs of Santorini and it really offers a great view for your swim in the pleasantly heated pool. It is located in the Imerovigli village.

Dana Villas

This is another great way to live in extremely luxurious rooms. They have several suites with great cave-like luxury interiors and an unforgettable interior and exterior heated pools and Jacuzzi. The exterior infinity pool offers a unique experience of swimming on the edge of the Caldera cliff.

Aspaki Santorini

This is the real hotel for someone who is looking for privacy. The views are amazing and there is all luxury you can think of, including an amazing heated pool.

Without the Caldera view

Aria Suites

Aria Suites is one of the best hotels in Fira and they have an amazing and big heated swimming pool. They have the Caldera view, but the pool is offset a bit from the cliff.

Timedrops Santorini

The Timedrops Santorini hotel is located in Emporio. As it is an inland location, you won’t find any caldera views here, but the hotel is still great and they have wonderful pools.

Blue Life

This is more of a budget option in Emporio but it still offers great value for your money and that does not mean you will not have a good time :)

santorini-swiming-pool-greece-trip santorini-swiming-pool-greece-travel

Santorini based portrait photographer Anna Sulte



Up to this day it has been a beautiful summer, sun, sea and peaceful evening sessions. We are photographing all over the island, but one village is cut of the everybody’s attention- Megalochori, the oldest traditional village on the Santorini island. So I’m keen to do session there.

I’m adding few shots from this summer adventure. :)

Greece Oia Greece Summer 2014_07_10__Greece_Santorini_based_portrait_photographer_Anna_Shulte GreeceSantorini vacation Photography, Greece(3)



Photography by Anna Shulte Santorini based photographer.