About Santorini Photographer Anna

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About Santorini Photographer Anna

Hey, I’m Anna, nice to meet you. I’m Santorini photographer telling stories of love, stories of finding true connection, of exploring magical places between the mountains and the sea. I’m happy to be a part of your story, if only for a moment. That moment of pure connection, that true look in the eye that truthful imperfection of absolute happiness is what I stand for.

What inspires me? Vast landscapes, authentic moments and tiny details- anything that aids in telling a story. I believe in people, love, laughter, life  and all that goodness you find packed into a honeymoon, engagement or connection between two people.   

Feel free to browse around and have a look at my work. (HERE- SANTORINI PHOTOSHOOT). I would be glad to take my camera along and capture the beautiful moments of your vacation, honeymoon or any other life event, just write me an e-mail to contactannasulte@gmail.com or use this contact form.

Have a lovely day!

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10 Reasons to work with me

Not over complicated

Simple moments are simply beautiful. The magic does not lie in the amount spent on dresses or special photo effects. It’s the people that make it special.

Simple stuff matters

I keep it simple and have fun. Why else would you want to go through this with your loved one. Fun and love is all that matters.

Genuine moments

During our photo sessions I might direct here and there, other times I get out of the way. I’m all about capturing genuine moments and not fake situations. After all, these will be the shots you’ll actually want to see after some years pass. So you go enjoy your special moments, let me worry about the pictures.

Love is in the mind and hides from sight

But photos are there to remind us of the moments, and the people we are and were. And that’s the true reason we take photos of loved ones.

You’re more than your dress

Sure, everyone likes nice interiors, special decour and nice cakes and we’ll cover some part of it. But the celebration should be about you and your loved one. :)

I’ve been there

I’ve done uncomfortable things, too. And I get how vulnerable you feel to do a photo shoot if you haven’t had one before (or even if you have). But hey, let’s keep it relaxed and have fun. Promise.

Emotion first

Together our aim should be to remember emotional and real moments that last forever.

Me and the couples work together

How involved you want to be is up to you. I’m up for hearing ideas, location suggestions or anything that might be on your mind. And together we plan what we can pull off in the time you have for your photo shoot in Santorini.

I care

I really do. And I understand that some days are super special and sometimes stressful. But you know what, I’m there for my couples in every step of the way. Because it’s something I would want being in their place.

Find me anytime

I’m always here to answer any questions or clear any doubts. The contacts here go directly to me personally without unnecessary complications. And I’m always open to talk.

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