Watching Laetitia and Guillaume was all joy. A charming evening, filled with smiles, laughter and quiet dancing on the gorgeous Santorini rooftops, it was just the type of photo shoot that leaves a smile in your heart. An afternoon that began with bright sunlight grew into an unforgettable sunset. Full of warmth, everlasting happiness, and full of memories. And time and time again, I’m reminded just how amazing are Santorini sunsets when people that are just right for each other enjoy it together.

In Imerovigli village we can capture views of the caldera, the classic white buildings with blue roofs and little streets. Join me for a photo shoot in Santorini.

Santorini Photographer Anna.

One Reply to “Your Photographer in Santorini”

  1. Hello from Austria,

    if the current situation allows, my partner and I will visit kreta in July. As Santorin is such a picturesque island with a stunnig view we are planing to visit Santorin for one day by ferry. In such a short time we want to make as much memories as possible by pictures to remeber. Now my question: Do you take pictures of people at different locations and how much will it cost for an hour?

    Best wishes from Tirol
    Nadine Kainzner

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