The little secret of Santorini – wonderful art galleries.

The little secret of Santorini – wonderful art galleries!

            Santorini is the place you usually visit to hunt for great sunsets or enjoy beaches, but there’s some ways to get off the beaten path. And today we’re talking about my favorite way – little art gallery tours!

            Santorini has a few secret gallery gems where you can see awesome artwork, there’s even one workshop you can visit and see the artist working. Most of them are small and hidden away in the labyrinths of small streets, so here’s some secret intel of what you should look for on Google Maps:

  1. AK Asimis Kolaitou Art Foundation | AK Art Galleries
  2. Akron
  3. Amphora
  4. Earth and Water
  5. Eduart Gjopalaj Workshop

These should keep you entertained for days, each has their own unique approach to showing and selling art of many genres. What I would do is do a simple Google Maps search of the ones you’re interested in and then use the app create route function and allow it to calculate the best path. And voila, a unique art gallery tour path for you ;)

Santorini photo by Anna Sulte

Top 3 Santorini beaches for watching the sunrise

Santorini photographer

Top 3 Santorini beaches for watching the sunrise

Santorini is a place for exploring beaches for sure. It’s volcanic origin comes with some of the most unique beach spots in Greece – some small secret beach pockets, some black volcanic sand, rocky, sandy – Santorini has it all! And another thing that is a classic around here, is watching the sun. Around the sunrise and sunset people gather to be washed over with the golden hour light and feel truly connected to this small spot in the Aegean Sea.

Some spots are better than others for this, and every local will tell you that they have a secret spot. Especially when it comes to the actual placement of the sun, it gets tricky – Santorini has a lot of rocks that cat essentially block your view to the whole morning show. Well, today might be your lucky day, because I’m willing to share :)

Kamari beach has a very special quiet vibe in the early morning. The usually bustling and busy place turns into a serene spot for a calming sunrise dip. With its  caldera shining in the golden morning light, the warm morning water is both refreshing and calming at the same time.

Perissa beach has the black volcanic sand, that has its own unique vibe in the golden morning sunlight. Early morning also might be the perfect time to go there, because the black color of the sand absorbs a lot of the sunlight heat, sometimes up to the point that you cannot walk on it in midday. So if you want to have an empty black sand beach, walk barefoot and have the most calming swim of your life a sunrise Perissa visit is for you.

And finally, cannot forget about Monolithos. It’s especially stunning in mornings where there is a slight gust of wind and its pure azure water gets slightly wavy. With only a couple or no people around at all, you get transported into the old days of Santorini, when life was more simple and there were no tourist crowds. Definite favorite for a rejuvenating morning swim on the slow currents.

So here they are, some of the spots. As a local, of course you always keep a couple of more places hidden. But I visit those with my photoshoot couples regardless, so it’s not that hard to guess :)

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And Perfect hidden Santorini beach

Sunrise photo from me,
Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

Birthday GIVEAWAY for a Santorini photo shoot.


I’m very excited to celebrate with YOU!

So today I’m giving away a FREE photo shoot to one lucky STYLISH COUPLE. This is a special shoot as we will be visiting Santorini’s less known villages and experiment with all kind of props.

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How to apply?

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