Blog series: “Gems of Santorini” Symposion by La Ponta

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Blog series: “Gems of Santorini” Symposion by La Ponta

Wandering the narrow streets of Megalochori village in Santorini you might be surprised by hearing the sounds of bagpipes. This means you are close to “Symposion. Music and Mythology Cultural Center by La Ponta”. The musical instrument usually associated with Scotland has deep roots in the south of Europe and Middle East and one of the earliest written references of the bagpipe dates to around 425 B.C. and is found in Greece.

“Symposion” is owned and operated by Argy and Yannis, a husband and wife duo that share the passion for music, history and mythology. After leaving its original location in the Venetian castle in Akrotiri village, “Symposion” relocated into a winery built into the hill at the turn of the last century. You can still see huge barrels that were used to store and mature the wine made by the winemaker Zorzis Ioannis Saliveros. There’s a music chamber, where you can enjoy Yannis’s performances, the artisans workshop, where he is making the instruments he’s using, and a gift shop, so you can be a proud owner of a flute, drum or even a bagpipe that Yannis has crafted from locally sourced materials.

Don’t miss on trying one of the local wines in the Homeric Wine Cafe, or ask Argy for a glass of honey wine – it is yummy!!!

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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