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Santorini Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Santorini Portrait and Wedding Photographer Anna Sulte offer Santorini visitors the opportunity to have a photo session on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.


Are you thinking about taking a vacation to Santorini? Maybe you are thinking of taking a lovely honeymoon trip or even having your wedding ceremony on the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece? In any of these cases, one of the most important questions is – Who is going to be your Santorini photographer? Here are some things you could consider when choosing your Santorini photographer – the person that will capture your precious moment on the island.


When choosing your Santorini photographer you need to consider what kind of person you would like to spend your time with. Your Santorini photographer’s personality can set the tone for a big part of your vacation, if your photographer’s personality fits you, then the final outcome of your photo session will be splendid, as well as the time you spend together. The same applies to your Santorini wedding — you might think that the photographer’s job is to know cameras, but in fact, the way how the photographer interacts with the models really makes a difference in the final images.


If you are planning to have a honeymoon trip or a vacation on Santorini island, booking a photo session with a photographer will leave you with great images to remember your good times. If you are coming to Santorini for your wedding then the photographer plays a key role in the most important day of your life. What I provide is a non-intrusive wedding photo reportage and a special photo session for you and your significant other. I specialize in capturing elopements and that is why I think that it is very important for the photographer to manage to stay in the background – photographs are important but the most important thing is to enjoy your big day and the person with the big camera should not become the center of attention of your own wedding. Afterward, we should arrange a small couple’s photo shoot for the bride and the groom. Everyone is usually very excited about these images of you both and considers them the most important part of your wedding photo collection.
As it happens to be, I specialize in couple’s photo shoots and I do take a limited number of weddings a year, so be sure to contact me as soon as you know the date of your Big day. I really try to put emphasis on the underlying stories and emotions of you two and how wonderful things happen in places with a rich history like Santorini island.


How much time is needed to cover the event on the size of your Santorini venue. If you’re planning a wedding you’ll need your Santorini photographer for the ceremony and for a couple hours to catch the best moments. There is really no need for a photographer to be around all day, you can count on having good photographs in a short amount of time and enjoy your celebration fully afterward.
A Santorini photo session usually lasts 1-2 hours.

Knowledge about Santorini Island

How well do you know Santorini? If you are a first-time visitor you would like to take home photographs that capture the most that the island has to offer, be sure to book a photo session. We will discuss the places you would like to visit and be photographed in so that the photo session is tailored to you personally (of course, I have loads of suggestions of places, many of which are not your typical tourist spots). Your chosen Santorini Photographer should know the most beautiful places and marvelous hidden corners of Santorini Island.

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