Highlights of 2018.

This year has been a roller coaster. I got to wake up before sunrise, shoot in crazy winds and say ‘hello’ to the magic of city lights. So fun getting to work with new clients and old. Really really grateful for this journey and a big thank you to anyone who has let me into their life to document all these beautiful moments.

Engagements, proposals, post-wedding and anniversary photo sessions by Anna Sulte, photographer located on the island of Santorini.

A Gorgeus Proposal Photoshoot  in Santorini

A Gorgeus Proposal Photoshoot  in Santorini

Logan had been planning this one in secret for quite a while. And what can I say, of course it pays off! We had been going back and forth with some secret insider info and when the time came everything fell into place.

And I’m so grateful to be able to help and be a part of their special moment. I really hope these images are able to freeze at least a bit of the special vibrations in the air that day. They were truly radiant and gorgeous.

When they left for their dinner with views of the Santorini Volcano, I still felt so warm and happy for them.


Santorini engagement photographer Anna Sulte

Highlights of 2017

Hello dear friends,

Thank you for being together with me in this journey. This has been an exciting year both professionally and personally – I have had the chance to meet so many of you from around the world and have learned a lot and enjoyed every second. Doctors, teachers, artists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, you name it – seems like everyone has flocked to this small Greek island. Santorini has been the destination for Japanese, Canadians, Americans, people from virtually all European countries, Brazilians, Swedes, South Africans, Singaporeans and many many more.


You chose me to capture your moments here, for which I am immensely grateful. And I feel that we are more than just a photographer and clients.

I wish you the very best for 2018 and hope to see you here again someday!


Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-003Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-005Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-004Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-on-the-greek-island-003Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-005Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-006Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-008Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-honeymoon-post-wedding-002Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-001Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-002Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-001Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-honeymoon-post-wedding-003Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-honeymoon-post-wedding-004Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-003Santorini-photos-greece-travel-006Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-004Santorini-trip-friends-vacation-family-002Santorini-vacation-photo-shoot-locations-portrait-002Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-honeymoon-post-wedding-005Santorini-photos-greece-travel-005Santorini-trip-friends-vacation-family-001Santorini-vacation-photo-shoot-locations-portrait-003Santorini-vacation-photo-shoot-locations-portrait-004Santorini-vacation-photo-shoot-locations-portrait-006Santorini-vacation-photo-shoot-locations-portrait-005Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-006Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-005Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-004Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-006Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-007Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-on-the-greek-island-001Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-on-the-greek-island-002Santorini-photos-greece-travel-003Santorini-photos-greece-travel-002Santorini-photos-greece-travel-004Santorini-photos-greece-travel-001Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-005Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-007Santorini-trip-friends-vacation-family-003Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-honeymoon-post-wedding-001Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-001Santorini-vacation-photo-shoot-locations-portrait-001Santorini-maternity-shoot-in-greece-baby-moon-001Santorini-fun-photo-shoot-what-to-do-004Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-002Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-006Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-008Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-009Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-007Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-004Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-003Santorini-fun-photo-shoot-what-to-do-005Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-photoshoot-010Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-001Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-002Santorini-photo-shot-aniversary-trip-to-greece-003Photo-session-Santorini-engagement-love-story-002Photo-session-Santorini-engagement-love-story-005Photo-session-Santorini-engagement-love-story-004Photo-shoot-on-Santorini-travel-trip-002Photo-shoot-on-Santorini-travel-trip-004Photo-shoot-on-Santorini-travel-trip-005Photo-session-Santorini-engagement-love-story-003Santorini-fun-photo-shoot-what-to-do-001Santorini-fun-photo-shoot-what-to-do-003Photo-shoot-on-Santorini-travel-trip-001Photo-shoot-on-Santorini-travel-trip-003Santorini-fun-photo-shoot-what-to-do-002Photo-session-Santorini-engagement-love-story-001Santorini-photo-session-photographer-Anna-Sulte-007Santorini-proposal-engagement-session-Anna-Sulte-002Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-on-the-greek-island-004  Photographer Anna Sulte




The proposal is probably among the most intimate and moving moments in any couples life. This time I won’t delve into advice on how to do the actual proposal, because it’s just too individual and special – my only advice is to listen to your heart and trust your gut. What I can help with, however, is pointing out some of the practicalities on what to do AFTER the proposal to make your day even more awesome :). Here are three things that really make a difference.


Restaurant WIFI is important (seriously)

When in Santorini, you definitely need to enjoy the amazing restaurants with great views over the Caldera. These are among the best places to have a nice dinner (or breakfast, or supper) after the magical “yes”. This might sound silly at first, but check their WIFI before going, so that you could have a Skype call with all your family and tell them the good news! It’s a good chance to arrange a surprise and have that extra bit of family support in your big decision.


Invest in some hotel room prep

The proposal day is definitely one of romance. Santorini is among one of the most romantic spots on planet Earth, so we got you covered. To add extra romance, you can prepare your hotel room with roses, champagne and candles. Pro tip – you can either rent out a different room and prep it before or arrange it to be done by the hotel staff while you’re on a trip.


Get some fancy wheels

A special day requires a special way to get around. How about swapping your rental for something a bit flashier? Maybe a retro car? Or even hire a driver? Or go for full on solitude on a Vespa scooter riding the streets of Santorini in moonlight (and champagne on one of the exotic beaches)?

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte




There is a high interest on what to wear to a photo shoot in Santorini to look amazing. Over the years I have found out some things that work and some things that don’t, especially in couples’ photo shoots. Let this serve as a guide, not a definite road map for your choices.

The basics

Dressing up for a photo shoot is something we tend to overdo, the main point to remember is to stay true to your own style – you will simply look better in clothes that you feel comfortable in. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up and rocking a cool skirt or dress, but do not overdo it and try too hard. Same goes for colours – wear tones that make you feel in sync with yourself. One thing to keep in mind is that the clothes should fit you perfectly – we’re aiming for the tailored look to underline you personality!

The same is especially true for guys. No button-ups if your significant other usually wears cool brand sweaters. Think about it – if you’re on a couples’ photoshoot already, his wardrobe choices are not so bad, right?

Go easy on the prints

It’s safer not to go overboard with various prints, especially if they are words – if your t-shirt says something on it, it very often becomes the central point of interest in the image. Same should be said for patterns, try not to dress all in patterns, rather use it to accentuate. If you have to match patterns, make sure that they are of different scales.

Crash course in making your arms look awesome

Each of us has that spot on the body you wish could look better. For most of us, it’s just in our head and no one else even notices, but my experience shows that the key of looking beautiful is FEELING beautiful, so this has to be solved. Your photo session can even be a therapy to make you understand your true beauty.

Quite a few of us struggle with the way our arms look in photographs. As this advice shows, most often it is more connected to what you actually wear on the photo shoot – you must understand that some types of clothing just makes your hands look a bit awkward on camera, it’s that simple.

One of the most basic advice is just to choose a dress or top with quarter sleeves – it can be an elegant and stylish way to draw more attention to your face (which makes photographs more personal, in fact). Sleeves also optically make us look taller and slimmer, beware of the effect and use it to your advantage to look your best on camera.

If you still want to show some skin, go for it and uncover your shoulders, off-shoulders clothes are a bit more dramatic on photographs and add a pinch of originality. It’s also a good idea to accentuate the parts of your body you are proud of, like waist line in a tight dress or face with big earrings or an impressive necklace.

You can also dress in layers, which is actually what locals also do to level out the difference of temperature during the day and night. It’s usually done like this – find your favorite dress and combine it with a cute jacket, crop top or shrug. A big scarf that you wear on your shoulders can also do the trick. And of course don’t forget the classics – dark tones make you look slimmer.

 The most important secret

Have fun, really. Don’t overthink this, the main thing is to take as much as possible from this amazing experience of you and your lover being on the island.  Nothing makes you look better than being happy.

Santorini vacation photographer Anna Sulte, Thira Greece





Today I thought I should share some of the information of what to expect when you sign up for a photo shoot and share some of the behind the scenes and give some advice of what to bring with you etc.

Be prepared that your photo session is going to be an adventure and as a real adventure. Santorini summers get quite hot – ideally bring a hat and definitely bring a water bottle. Photo sessions usually involve walking between the locations and you might have to do some climbing as well – it’s all worth it to get the perfect shot! That’s why you should think about an extra pair of shoes (ladies especially, the Santorini cobble stone streets are not perfect for heels).

Usually you’ll have to hold a comfortable pose to get the right shot – Santorini gets really windy (which allows for artistic effect), but some time might be needed to get the perfect whirl of your dress, hair etc. What we’re looking for is that decisive moment where you have the feeling like you’re on top of the world. In the windy days a long dress is the most comfortable and the best option for feeling and looking good. So if you want a short dress for the photo shoot it would be good to have two options in case of those crazy winds.

All in all, if you just prepare a bit and have a relaxed attitude, these photo sessions are a great opportunity to explore some of the glorious sights of Santorini and have a new experience with your loved one.

Anniversary Photo shoot with Santorini based photographer.



We’re well on our way in 2017 and I’ve been busy with shooting and planning to make this year even more awesome than the last. Today I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my growth journey on this small Greek island in the Aegean Sea- Santorini.

Each opportunity to photograph an amazing couple is a chance to perfect my skills, make other people happy and soak up the love that surrounds you! Thank you for the unforgettable moments and kind words, I promise I will not let you down in 2017.

Have a great year and remember to laugh and love often and a lot!

Anna Sulte Santorini based vacation photographer.





Every once in a while I get to be a part of a special secret mission, which ends in lots of smiles and tears of joy after the magical “yes”. I must say that proposals and capturing them hold a special place in my portfolio. This time I helped out Sean and the unsuspecting Krystyne.

We discussed our plan with Sean and he chose to kneel in the village of Imerovigli, where there’s less crowds and more intimacy. The action plan was the following – Sean was to invite her to a restaurant in Imerovigli and suggest taking the stairs down to the agreed place (Sean did a good job convincing Krystyne who did not want to take the stairs). Meanwhile I was pretending to be just a tourist passing by… they enjoyed the view, had a brief conversation and IT HAPPENED. As he kneeled I captured these fleeting intimate moments between them.

We followed these magic moments with a wonderful photo session as the sun was setting.

Thank you for letting me play a small role in your journey and capture a part of it!

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intimate-proposal-moments-in-santorini-imerovigli-001 intimate-proposal-moments-in-santorini-imerovigli-002 intimate-proposal-moments-in-santorini-imerovigli-003 intimate-proposal-moments-in-santorini-imerovigli-005 engagement-in-santorini-photo-shoot-surprise-proposal-004 engagement-in-santorini-photo-shoot-surprise-proposal-003 intimate-proposal-moments-in-santorini-imerovigli-006 engagement-in-santorini-photo-shoot-surprise-proposal-002 engagement-in-santorini-photo-shoot-surprise-proposal-006 engagement-in-santorini-photo-shoot-surprise-proposal-005




            The modern lifestyle has its ups and downs, but as we all know love has no obstacles. The modern era of the internet has opened new possibilities for love to connect two people that cannot meet in person that often.

            Oh boy, this couple is something special – they’re taking long distance relationships to a whole new level of romance! Sonia is from Malaysia and Tim is from Canada. They meet each other every day on Skype and organise various trips to destinations in the middle of them. You can really feel the love energy vibrating in the air when being around them!

            Tim had a surprise both for me and Sonia. As we walked along the pathway from the Oia church where we met up to the place they chose, he pulled out a tablet and started remembering the difficulties they had in the beginning, their shared struggles and then… he kneels and proposes!

            Sure, internet has played a big role in their relationship, but they have a connection of their own that does not need any electronics. Thank you for letting me be a part of your inspiring and romantic adventures here in Santorini!

santorini-proposal-oia-photoshoot-greece-001 santorini-proposal-oia-photoshoot-greece-003 santorini-proposal-oia-photoshoot-greece-004 santorini-proposal-oia-photoshoot-greece-005 santorini-proposal-photo-session-love-story-fine-art-photographer-001 santorini-proposal-photo-session-love-story-fine-art-photographer-003 santorini-proposal-photo-session-love-story-fine-art-photographer-004 santorini-proposal-photo-session-love-story-fine-art-photographer-006 santorini-proposal-oia-photoshoot-greece-007 santorini-proposal-oia-photoshoot-greece-006 santorini-proposal-photo-session-love-story-fine-art-photographer-008

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte besed on the island of Santorini/ Thira.


The tale of Chris, Courtney and the surprise of a lifetime in Santorini

The tale of Chris, Courtney and the surprise of a lifetime in Santorini

I’m all for surprises and various creative ways to capture special moments. And what could be more special than a proposal!? Chris contacted me and shared his idea of a surprise proposal to Courtney in one of the most romantic places on Earth – the Santorini caldera. Of course I was up for it!

We had this all planned. He wanted to propose her on the caldera, so we found the perfect spot with a wide view of the caldera that does not attract crowds. My job was to remain unseen and capture the moment as it unfolds. We even agreed on the approximate position of the proposal and that he’ll stay on his knee for longer for the sake of art and capturing the reactions of Courtney, who was absolutely amazed by all of this.

proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-001 proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-002 proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-003 proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-004 engagement-destination-santorini-propsal-couples-portraits-001 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-001 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-002 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-003 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-005 engagement-destination-santorini-propsal-couples-portraits-002 engagement-destination-santorini-propsal-couples-portraits-003

Santorini photo shoot by Anna Sulte, Santorini based photographer.

Magical engagement photo shoot of Jenny and Kantcho

Magical engagement photoshoot of Jenny and Kantcho

            One of the perks of my job is getting to meet lovely couples that remind me once again that love stands over all. This time I met the recently the amazing Jenny and Kantcho from Canada who had planned a destination photo shoot while they were staying at the beautiful island of Santorini after their engagement.

            Although the weather wasn’t exactly the kind you would expect from a sunset photoshoot at the Santorini caldera, the fact that it was rather cloudy really made for very interesting and magical light that looked perfectly with her gorgeous dress and his light blue shirt.

            Or maybe the thing that made the photo session was their special connection – they had an aura of peace and love around them which no weather could influence.

Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-002 Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-003 Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-001 Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-006 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-006 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-004 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-002 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-003 Night-photo-shoot-Santorini-sunset-vacation-shoot-001 Night-photo-shoot-Santorini-sunset-vacation-shoot-002

Photo session by local Santorini photographer Anna Sulte.




            The other day I was once again a witness of a truly special event in the life of this loving couple. They were staying at the Alta Vista Hotel in Firostefani, so we taught we need to take the chance to explore the beautiful territory around it instead of going to the Santorini Heart as planned before, and it turned out to be the perfect decision!

            Nitin had prepared the perfect surprise. Although all their bags got lost in the airport, he suggested they forget about it and have a walk to the restaurant. Little did she know that he had kept the most precious item in his pocket all the time. When the right moment came as they were walking along the stunning Santorini views in the background, he kneeled and presented her with the most magnificent sapphire ring.

            The truthfulness of the moment could not be faked in any way. I love how I get to be the witness of such life changing events and document them. It was truly my pleasure!

Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-006 proposal-shoot-in-Santorini-engagement-ring-greece-004- proposal-shoot-in-Santorini-engagement-greece-002 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-002 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-001 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-004 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-003 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-002 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-001 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-003 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-005

Santorini engagement photo shoot in Firostefani.



            I am always up for good surprises, especially if it involves capturing special romantic moments of couples. This time was really special. I had conspired with Lauren who had arranged a photo session with his boyfriend Jon on the spectacular rooftops of Santorini.

            The session went really smooth and it was great to see such a loving couple sharing their energy with the world. Though Lauren had no idea what is about to happen. We’re approaching the end of what has already been an amazingly romantic walk and photo session on the Santorini background when Jon has a suggestion. “I have another pose in mind,” he says and kneels and presents a ring to Lauren. Needless to say that it was one of the most emotional moments any couple could have and I had the amazing opportunity to be the witness of it.

            These images have a special aura that can be traced throughout the session. Keep in mind that Jon knew very well what he is about to do and waited for the right moment while Lauren had no clue. This special energy makes the images truly unique.

            I wish you both the best and I can surely say that you’re up to an endless shared adventure.

Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-001 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-001 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-003 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-004 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-005 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-003 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-004 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-005

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte 2016.



She has always dreamed of travelling to Greece, but she has no clue that we will be visiting the country, let alone Santorini!” – that was one of the first e-mails from Scott. He had it all planned out and I was very honored that he chose me for photographing their very special moment in Santorini. As you might have guessed, I was chosen as the photographer on a very special mission – to capture the magic of the moment of the proposal.

            She really had no idea of what an amazing experience is ahead of her. He had organised a whole Amazing race around destinations in Europe, and it all culminated in this loving and yet fleeting moment in the Espera Hotel in Oia. I was in charge of capturing the emotions of this windy day filled with joy. I must say that the wind really helped give the images that final bit of unique touch as it made the shots as it really helped portray and underline the special moment and gave a bit of airiness to her hair and dress.

Now Santorini will become the place of special memories and I am honoured I was chosen to be the one to capture these moments in my images.

Santorini-proposal-couples-photo-shoot-Greece-007 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-006 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-004 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-003 Santorini-proposal-couples-photo-shoot-Greece-003 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-001 Santorini-proposal-couples-photo-shoot-Greece-006

Santorini photo session with Anna Sulte.


A Look Back in photos 2015.
So many amazing new friendships with the couples I was lucky enough to capture. A huge thanks to everyone!
It’s all about you!

Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-001 Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-002Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-003 Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-001 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-005 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-007 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-009book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 003 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-010 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-010 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-009 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-007Santorini-photography-destenation-photo-shoot-post-wedding-Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-006 Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-004 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-008 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-003 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-006 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-004 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-001Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-008 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-009 photographer in santorini greece-001 photographer in santorini greece-003 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-008 photographer in santorini greece-002Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-005Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-010Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-003 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-005 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-006Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-010 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-007 photographer in santorini greece-006 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-004 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-003 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-001 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-007 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-008 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-003 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-006 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-002 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-002 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-002 photographer in santorini greece-005 photographer in santorini greece-004 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-004 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 008 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 006 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-005 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 005 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-002 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-009 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 007book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 004 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 001 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-001book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 002 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-004

We had sessions all around Santorini, at Oia, at the Santorini heart, Firostefani, Fira, Imerovigli and more.