Surprise proposals in Santorini, and how to get photos!

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Surprise proposals in Santorini, and how to get photos!

Santorini is the place where lovers go – it definitely has earned the right of being called one of the most romantic islands. And that is why so many couples also come here for honeymoons, weddings, engagements and of course some secretly planned proposals.

Look, if you want to propose – just do it. We only live once, and if you’re having the idea it’s most likely about time :) What I’m here though is to give you some of my thoughts proposing in Santorini, Greece specifically.

I’ve had the luck of being a part of some of these super lovely secret proposals – I’m more than honored to take part and I can say the moments you get to capture during these missions. There are essentially two ways that are best if you want some pictures taken.

Option 1: Secret proposal with a secretly arranged photographer.

This is the ultimate commando style proposal. It’s a truly secret mission. You go and take a walk with that special someone, and they think it’s just a nice walk in one of the most romantic spots in Greece, heck even the world. What they do not realize is that there’s a very special question coming up later in a location we have arranged. And guess what, I take pictures of it from afar and can even appear later for a small photoshoot :)

Option 2: Proposing during a photo session.

This is the strategic method. You and your special someone come for a photo session. We go through some of the most epic couple photo spots on the island. It’s already a pretty mind blowing experience, but then it gets better – in one of the last spots you kneel and ask THE QUESTION. And I take some of the most authentic couple photos anyone can have :)

Look, both ways have some advantages and disadvantages, but essentially it all comes down to what’s more comfortable for you. I can only add that it’s something special either way and we’ll spend some time planning the mission and making it awesome.

So if this sounds great, I’ve written a more detailed article on how to choose one of these ways here!

Santorini Photographer Anna Sulte 2020

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