Candid photo session in Greece, Santorini

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Candid photo session in Greece, Santorini

Making the rounds through Santorini as the light cut through the narrow Oia streets, I was reminded of what makes Santorini such a special place. Equal parts nature and human made beauty, it’s the type of place where both of these things live side by side making it so unique and unforgettable.

Ashlie’s smile and Andrew’s warmth made for a extraordinary sunrise photo shoot. Intimate, honest, and raw. They brought their own unique style with laughter, charisma, and a simple joy of being present. It was a pleasure to be there for the ride.

Couples photoshoot at blue domes in Oia, Santorini. Greece
Photoshoot in Oia village on the street. Santorini island at sunrise.
Couple waling up the steps from Amoudi Bay to Oia village. Santorini, Greece.

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