Oia or Imerovigli – which one is for you in Santorini?

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Oia or Imerovigli – which one is for you in Santorini?

Yeah, I get asked this a lot. Everyone seems to be in search for the perfect place to stay on this small Greek island of Santorini. And you know what? There’s no perfect answer. It really depends on what you expect from your trip and what do you want to do the most when you actually arrive here. Today I’ll give you some pointers on what to expect from both.


Oia is a more lively place. It’s bustling with bars and cafes, there’s a lot of entertainment and tourism opportunities around here. If you choose to live in Oia, you can bet that there will be at least 4-5 working restaurants in walking distance at pretty much any time of the day. And for a small island in Greece, that’s pretty exclusive.

However, this comes with some downsides – Oia is pretty much the most popular village to visit for cruise tourists, which will flood the streets in certain days when the ships dock. But that’s for a reason, here you can see some of the most stunning views and sunsets, if you’re ok with being around more people.


Imerovigli is a bit more laid back compared to Oia. It has its charm and still is very pretty, but you’ll have to sacrifice on some nightlife here – less tourists means less businesses like cafes and restaurants around. It still keeps some of the nature charm that Oia has, but the town itself does not have a lot going for it. What you get in exchange is more peace and quiet. However, many people find that having some sort of transport like renting a car or moped and going to Oia and coming back suits them just fine (it’s about a 15 minute car ride away).

So yeah, things are not black and white – really depends on what you think of it and want to do around. Hope this helps!

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