Great Santorini morning yoga spots

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Great Santorini morning yoga spots

Yoga is one of the best if you’re looking to slow down the pace of your busy life. Apart from the physical benefits, it also heals the mind. And why not try it out on vacation, when you’re most relaxed? Here’s some quick thoughts about the best Santorini yoga spots.

First of all, get up earlier than you normally would. First of all, it will change your view of Santorini and allow you to see it differently. But also, it’s just more practical – the days here get pretty hot, so you can benefit from the cooler mornings and have a better time. As for the places, have a look around – sometimes your hotel will have a terrace with a stunning view that it all deserted in the mornings. If not, just take a walk around and take your yoga mat with you. Many hotels at the Perissa and Kamari are relatively close to the beaches, that’s a premium spot. Otherwise, if you live inland on the Caldera side, you can a find a great place at the cliff side. Best for this would be Imerovigli area at the Santorini Princess Spa Hotel. Or at the – Skaros Rock church (Imerovigli).

Or if you get on a scooter and go to the ultimate best spot on the island Oia/ Finikia Caldera side or Kamari Beach in Perisa.

Some yoga or meditation goes a long way. Maybe this can be the new habit you pick up from the relaxed island of Santorini and bring back home?

Blog post by Anna Sulte, Santorini photographer.

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