Two different Greek islands – Santorini and Zakynthos

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Two different Greek islands – Santorini and Zakynthos

If you’re here, you’re probably on a hunt for the “best” Greek island to visit out of these two. I’ll keep it short – sorry to break it to you none of these is better than the other. These offer two different experiences, and ultimately it is only up to you to decide what you’re looking for from your trip. So let me sketch some of the main differences, and help you out a bit ;)


Santorini is the island of lovers. There’s really not a better island for your wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway. It’s long known for it’s cute traditional villages set on cliff sides and magnificent sunsets that you can enjoy from some of the best island restaurants around. Some of the drawbacks would be that it’s beauty really attracts a lot of tourists, and I mean A LOT. During the peak season it gets pretty crowded, and the prices skyrocket for accommodation and transport.


Zakynthos might be one of the less known gems of the Aegean Sea. It’s definitely not as popular as Santorini. It’s a nice island for beach vacations and enjoying some relaxing in nature. It has some pretty perfect beaches for sure, some might even prefer them over Santorini – white sand, azure clear water, scattered in between cliffs. It really has a dreamy nature vibe. The downside – you won’t get the special Greek village vibes as in Santorini, and you should pretty much be prepared to spend all your time on the beach or out and about in nature. Less variety in terms of eating and nightlife here.

Photo by Panagiotis Shipwreck

That’s it, in short – I bet you have a feeling which one is for you from this little intro. Just go for one and move on with your research. One thing is for sure – Greek islands never disappoint :)

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