Santorini wedding logistics – do I bring or rent my wedding dress?

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Santorini wedding logistics – do I bring or rent my wedding dress?

First of all, congratulations on your decision to do your wedding on the island of Santorini, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this probably.

The dress probably is one of the biggest logistics challenges when doing a wedding abroad. Of course, the decision is totally up to you, but here’s some points to consider before choosing to bring or rent your dress:

  • If you bring your dress, be smart and make sure you can pack it in a standard check in suitcase. Tailors have actually gotten pretty smart about it and will be able to suggest some strategies, even prepare a special suitcase for you.
  • If you come from overseas, there’s always a risk of lost luggage, sadly. So if you go with a smaller dress, like a light flowing Greek style dress, you might actually get away with bringing it on your flight. If you ask me, I would rather lose the rest of my clothing than my outfit for the special day :)
  • By working with a tailor and making your own dress, of course you get the ultimate variety and fit. However, most people coming for a wedding in Santorini choose a pretty minimalistic dress cut anyways.
  • Renting a dress is for sure logistically simpler. You arrive with no stress and go to a shop with a huge selection – I’m yet to see a situation where you can’t find something you like.
  • However, the choosing and tailoring the dress to your size takes extra time that you have to plan in your travels. Do not expect this to be super fast, you might want to spend some days enjoying the island before the big day.
  • Often the dresses you can rent on the island are photogenic and adapted to the local climate. Wind dresses are a good example – Santorini tailors have gotten pretty crafty with creating these long flowing Greek dresses. Although you should have a dress which fits your personality and you would feel great in it. It is your wedding day after all.
  • Santorini has limited dress designs, and if you would prefer to be authentic then bringing your own dress is the best choice for you.
  • Of course, a lot of it comes down to what you would like to do with the dress afterwards. If you’re sentimental about it and want to keep it or pass it on, renting is out of the question.

Hope this makes it a bit clearer for you. Regardless, it’s not the dress that makes the wedding – it’s the people. So I’m sure you’ll be fine either way ;)

Santorini photographer Anna S

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