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Insider tips on windy photo shoots in Santorini

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Insider tips on windy photo shoots in Santorini

Santorini is an island, and that means that winds can get pretty crazy around here, especially at the times you want to have a photo shoot (Murphy’s Law). So here’s some practical things on what to wear and how to prepare for a photo shoot that are fool proof and will keep the wind at bay.

  1. Hair – the essential guide

Hair is the first thing that can make or break a portrait. One wrong gust of wind, and your face will be covered with it. So here’s some real good hairstyles:

  • If you want to let your hair down, make sure you secure it on top (a small braid or pins do wonders)
A couple walking on a rooftop in Greece
Husband and wife on the street in Santorini
Honeymooners on their photo shoot in Thera

  • By far the safest are a ponytail, fully braided hair or a variant of a braid.
Couple at the blue rooftop church
Honeymooners on the staircase

  • You can also play around with various top nots, they tend to look gorgeous with the Greek style dresses.
  • One thing to talk about is strategy – if you see it’s a windy day, it’s better to prepare your hair at the hotel and then take the braid etc. apart if the wind stops. So pack a hairbrush, you never know when it will come in handy.

    2.  Long dresses look marvellous in wind, but it comes with a downside – you will have to struggle a bit with looking after it and making sure the cut behaves well. And if you go for a free flowing hairstyle, you will have to take care of that as well. If you have a short wavy skirt, it might be even harder.

The best strategy for this would be to pack two outfits for the session, one that is more wind-proof and one free flowing one. This way you can adapt to the weather without stressing out too much and having a good time. Plus, who does not like costume changes!? :)

Here are a few examples from really windy day:

Post wedding session on the rooftop
Couple on a church in a windy day, dress flowing
Married couple walk on the mountain at sunset
Girl in a black dress hugs her husband on a balcony with Santorini view

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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  1. Hi, my name is Aline we will be in Santorini for my honeymoon from July 9-12 and I would
    Like to book a photo shoot with my husband in my wedding dress. What availability do you have and what would the package include?

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