Easter in Santorini – some things to look out for

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Easter in Santorini – some things to look out for

You might not know, but the year in Greece is full of religious festivals – the Orthodox Easter is truly one of the most important ones of them all. The celebration follows some centuries-old traditions and culminates on Easter Sunday – the time of resurrection of Christ. Regardless if you’re religious or not, this is a time to appreciate and experience some of the oldest surviving parts of Greek culture.

Santorini is one of the most magical places to be around in this time. The Pyrgos village has some of the best events on Good Friday, but you can pretty much rely on something going on all over the island. Make sure you see at least one event, it’s a thing to remember. Also, you can be sure this is the time to get some of the best Greek food of your life :)

One of my favorite celebrations is Good Friday when the village Pyrgos gets lighten up. Hundreds of candles get set up on the rooftops and people gather in the village for this unique festivity.

This is also the time Santorini wakes up from its winter slumber – the streets get busier, the tourism season slowly kicks off and the weather gets warmer and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

So do come if you have the chance. The weather is good and you get to experience a piece of Greek culture – what could be better!?

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