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            Even though you’re most likely on your vacation or enjoying Santorini with your loved one before or after your wedding, there are some things you should avoid doing before your photo shoot. Consider these the only rules of your vacation (or rather suggestions) — following these simple tips you will look better in your vacation photographs. And we all want that, don’t we?

            First of all, remember that the sunshine is very strong in Santorini. Make sure you don’t overdo with tanning the day before your shoot. It’s OK if you’re a bit reddish, but little can be done if you show up to your Santorini photo shoot as red as a crab. Another thing – WEAR SUNSCREEN. Even if you normally don’t do it back home, trust me. Realizing the strength of the sunshine around here will not only save your photographs, it will save you from getting sunburnt and not being able to enjoy your vacation fully.

            The second tip is mostly for the ladies. We all want that perfect makeup and perfect look for the photo shoot, right? Well, sometimes it’s better to relax a bit and not overdue things. For example, eyebrows are usually a bit of a problem. If you want to pluck them, make sure you do it at least a day before the shoot. Same goes for depilation etc. This tip basically helps to avoid the same problem as the first one – reddish skin. You might think that it cannot be noticed; however, the lens is unforgiving. One last makeup tip – make sure you wear powder and/or tonal cream. Generally this applies to any photo shoot, but it is especially important when taking pictures in the dazzling sunshine in Santorini (avoiding any glare from your face is super important!).

            And one last tip — go easy on the buffet on the day of the photo shoot. I know that the Greek dishes are very tasty indeed, but it’s better to enjoy a big meal after the photo shoot, not before it. It will ensure that you feel active during the shoot, it will show up in the images. Moreover, many times these shoots involve some climbing and/or walking around the village. Plus, that big meal might make your tummy look chubbier that it actually is. And that’s not good, right?

So there you go — as easy as that. Follow these simple tips, and you will be absolutely ready for your photo shoot.


I added few shots of proposal photo shoot with George and Sofia.

фотограф в санторини Фотограф на Санторини American Greek couple in Santorini

Фотограф, фотоснимка на Санторини.


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