Let’s admit it — all of us experience that weird feeling when standing in front of a camera from time to time. You kind of don’t feel yourself, all of a sudden you feel that weird awkward feeling and you don’t seem to be able to pose. Let me offer some of my insights today —here are some of my observations on the topic.

First of all, as I already stated — it is absolutely normal! Once you understand that and embrace it, you’ll be able to overcome the feeling easier.

Secondly, think of what are you going to wear. Think not only about how it looks, try to make sure that your outfit is comfy as well — you would be surprised how relaxed you could get with the right pair of shoes. These little things actually have great impact on how you act and feel in front of the camera.

Thirdly, just relax. I know how stupid it sounds sometimes, but really — just forget about the photo shoot and chill out and be yourself. Good photographers don’t need to make you strike some special poses. Just be your loving self and enjoy the awesome time in Santorini with your loved one, the photographer will take care of the rest. Focus on the beautiful surroundings, the magnificent Santorini streets and allow yourself to be amazed by the great views of this small Greek island.

What it really comes down to is not over thinking the whole photo shoot experience — remember that photo shoots are for you and your loved one and they should in no way be treated as a sort of test which you can fail or be great at. You should just come and enjoy Santorini with me, that’s all (I’ll just bring my camera along to make sure that some of the special moments are captured).

 Enjoy your holiday and I hope to see you in Santorini soon!


Santorini photo session in Perissa village.

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