Like to explore? What to pack when coming to Santorini?

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I was browsing around internet and I found great blog post about How to pack light while traveling. Here you can read more information about what to wear and pack when coming to Santorini in Autumn and Spring.

Packing to Santorini for summer?

While I’m preparing blog post about what to pack for Santorini in Summer, I have several suggestions for those who want to spend all day exploring Santorini in Summer time. Islands hot weather, and lack of shadow suggests that hat is a nice addition for your outfit for summer days.  Light colored clothes are definitely good choice, the darker colors you can wear for a sunset walk by the beach. :) And of course sunglasses, the white houses and sun in the midday are harsh for your eyes.


This couple from Korea I met in July afternoon when it was very windy.  The interesting thing is that they did not speak English,
so we communicated with gestures and signs. That was amazing and unique experience for me :) 

Thank you, guys!

Santorini photographer photo shoot Korea Photo shoot in Santorini. Santorini photo shoot with couple from Korea. Couple portraits in Santorini. In love from Korea.

Portrait photographer Anna Sulte in Santorini.


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