Santorini in Autumn (and what to pack)

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Santorini in Autumn (and what to pack)

You might think that Santorini is the place to visit during summertime, but actually the island has its charm in autumn as well. Moreover, a big part of Europeans find the weather more bearable (it’s still hot; the average temperatures are about +27 C).

Santorini is a popular place to visit, but in autumn you might avoid the big crowds, especially in the bigger towns of Perissa and Oia. They get relatively quiet around September, but the small Greek taverns and shops still stay open – this is a chance to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere which is much more similar to the lifestyle the Greek towns had before tourism changed them. That does not mean that there’s no entertainment going on – you can attend the International Music festival which is usually held in September.

If you’re up to the adventure, you’re probably wondering what to pack. All in all, prepare for heat and intense sunshine during daytime, but some cool winds when the night arrives. Pack all the usual summer gear – some flip flops or flats, shorts, long wavy dresses, sun hats etc. DO NOT FORGET YOUR SUNGLASSES – most of the buildings are white, and you’ll be close to feeling blind after a couple of hours without them. Here’s the main thing to remember to bring for autumn – BRING A SWEATER! You might think that you’ll get by with a long sleeved shirt or something like that, but, trust me, pack a decent, very warm sweater for those cold nights! Santorini changes to almost desert-like climate in autumn. The days are still hot, but when the sun sets, it gets seriously cold sometimes! And another reminder – do not forget sunscreen! There is little shade here, so if you have paler skin it is a must!

Hope this helps, and see you in Santorini soon!

Santorini in Autumn Santorini in Autumn Santorini in Autumn


Photos by Santorini photographer Anna Shulte


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