Tips to Make You Look Slimmer in Photographs

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 Tips to Make You Look Slimmer in Photographs

It is only natural that we want to look beautiful in photographs. Apart of what I do with the camera, what you wear counts as well.  Although people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, let’s admit it – most of us would like to appear slim on the photographs. Here are just a few tips to trick the all seeing camera eye a bit.

Let’s focus on the clothes you wear this time (also see my previous post on the three rules of the three things to remember when posing in front of a camera I wrote a while ago). First of all, clothes that are all in one color make you look slimmer. Fashionistas usually tend to say that darker colors exaggerate the effect even more; however you should probably consider the place you are going to be photographed in – wearing all black in the midday sun of Santorini might not be the best idea. Secondly, size matters.  The clothes should fit you well, it’s better to avoid flowy, very loose garments that look good in person, but might create the impression that you’re larger than you really are. In general, it is better to choose clothes in which you feel comfortable, it really shows in the photographs.  Wearing stripes to a Santorini photo shoot is generally not the best idea, but if you want to appear slim, make sure they’re vertical. Also avoid wearing some clothes that with elaborate detail around your problem areas – it attracts attention where you least want it.

If you are planing to do Santorini photo shoot or just have some shots done by your self you can view some of mine suggestions on what to avoid doing before your photos are taken- SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD AVOID DOING BEFORE YOUR PHOTO SHOOT


Here are some photographs from session I had last week with Aleece and Matt.
No post is complete, if it does’t include some beautiful shots even if they aren’t related to the text.

Santorini photo shoot sunset Oia destination_-2Santorini photo shoot sunset Oia destination_

Santorini couples photo session by Anna Sulte

4 Replies to “Tips to Make You Look Slimmer in Photographs”

  1. Very beautiful couple. Love the colors and the contrast. The stripes definitely work for this young woman! The solid white worn by her partner really sets off the blue stripes and the background. So lovely.

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