Santorini Oia photo session

Form Australia to Santorini. Photo shoot in Oia village.

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I had a pleasure to meet a couple from Australia. Such a long drive from Australia to Greece, Santorini. It’s like two days of flying, sailing and driving with the car. There are people who are willing to travel so far to get here, Santorini is worth it. And I understand them, but I couldn’t do it (because I’m always sea sick) that’s for sure. Ironically- I live on the island, and to go somewhere else then Santorini I need to use ferries or airplane.
Darren and Carolyn are travelers and they travel all around Europe. We met in Oia and had a beautiful walk through Oia hidden, narrow streets in sunset time. Here are some photos from Santorini photo session with them:

Santorini Oia photo session Santorini Oia photo shoot Santorini Oia photo shoot Santorini Oia photo shootSantorini Oia photo shoot Santorini Oia photo shoot. Oia village.

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