Vows renewal – a truly intimate experience in Santorini

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Vows renewal – a truly intimate experience in Santorini

Santorini has always been orbited with all types of lovers. Many come here for a romantic getaway from the everyday. And there’s no better time to reaffirm your vows, than in one of the most romantic spots in Greece.

Yeah, I know, I know – many people want to renew vows with a huge ceremony and all family friends. But having an intimate, romantic moment on the cliff side in Greece is an option too. And a celebration can come afterwards. :) I’ve been a part of some of these very intimate small vows ceremonies and I can say that those are some of the most truthful experiences I’ve had the luck to capture.

A walk combined with a photoshoot and some nice romantic dinner afterwards is the ultimate Santorini romantic vows renewal formula. Some couples also commemorate the special event with some small gifts, like earrings or a bracelet. Santorini has a whole range of the most romantic spots for couples. And sadly (or luckily) they do not fit that many people and that’s part of the beauty that is Santorini.

If you’re up for arranging a small photo session before or after, or if you would like to have some pictures taken of the special moment, I’m more than honored to be a part of your journey.

Santorini Vow renewal photo shoot by Anna Sulte

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