The ultimate Santorini ice cream place list

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The ultimate Santorini ice cream place list

It’s hard to argue that Santorini is probably one of the most scenic places to enjoy some good ice cream. And thankfully, there are some pretty ice cream makers ready to make your dreams come true here!
Here’s my secret list of the top ice cream spots you should hit around here

Lolita’s Gelato in Oia.

Get ready to be totally amazed by Lolita’s. The place and the ice cream always brings good vibes and some of the best ice cream in town. Good design and cozy minimalist vibes combine with true ice cream making craft on display.

Corner food and drinks: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in Perissa.

Not everyone knows that you can get the legendary Ben & Jerry’s in Santorini. :) But yeah, not much to say than it’s awesome and it’s there!

Top secret: the ice cream stall next to The Souvlaki STOP in Kamari

The name of this place skipped my mind but rest assured there is an ice cream stall there and it’s magnificent, really. It’s one of those simple things on the island, it’s a classic and it’s good.

Fira Chillbox frozen yogurt & gelato ice cream

Really nice place that allows you to customise your ice cream by yourself with lots of toppings. Their flavor selection is also nice. And sometimes you just want to go for a lighter frozen yoghurt after a long day at the beach or walking around in the city. Very refreshing and I guarantee there’s a flavor in there for everyone.

Now that’s the super 4 of mine. I recommend trying them all out for the ultimate summer ice cream experience :)

Santorini Photographer Anna Sulte 2019

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