Loving couple Santorini rooftop photoshoot

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Loving couple Santorini rooftop photoshoot

The other day I had the chance to do a photoshoot with the most loving couple. Mark and Chynna have their own special energy. Never been happier that they chose me for a light airy photoshoot on the Santorini rooftops with the gorgeous backdrop of the traditional Greek white houses.

As they were staying in the Fira Moonlight Apartments, the location was prime for this. Just a little walk around and you end up in some of these amazing places with some of the best Santorini rooftop views!

Hope that these shots capture at least a part of that special something you feel when meeting these two. Thanks again for letting me be a small part in your big journey.

Couple on the rooftop, next to the blue domes in Oia
couple walking and smiling o a rooftop in Santorini
sunrise in Oia
Photo session by Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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