Anniversary photo shooting in Satorini island, Greece

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Loving couple revisiting engagement memories in Santorini

I’m always pleased to hear that people recommend me to others, so I was super happy to hear that Courtney and Tom found me through friends :) They engaged happily two years ago, but wish they had better photos of the time. And I was up for the job!

They’re the most loving couple and it makes me happy to see that they still have that loving spark strong, it almost seemed like they were engaged yesterday. So we went for a poetic look that would remind them both of the nice days in Santorini and the past when they made the big leap into sharing their life and love fully.

I think it’s an amazing idea from their part, if you don’t feel happy with your photos of engagement or wedding or whatever other big moment in your life, who says you have to stick with them? They wanted to reminisce on their honeymoon years passed and hang some photos on the walls of their home, so I’m super happy to make this a reality and capture at least a part of that special moment in their lives.

Photos by Anna Sulte, photographer in Santorini

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