Where to go for some of the best food in Santorini?

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Here’s where you go for some of the best food in Santorini – gourmands heaven destinations

Greek food is amazing, that’s a fact. In Santorini, you can get an awesome meal made from fresh local ingredients pretty much anywhere you go. But sometimes you crave more than food. And if you’re on a hunt for truly exceptional experiences, today I’ll share some Santorini favorites – here’s some restaurants to look out for.

Yalos in Exo Gialos Beach

In Yalos you can heave a meal on the beach. That alone is something special. Not to mention that they source all their ingredients locally and turn them into some of the best traditional Mediterranean dishes around.

Remvi in Firostefani

Remvi has one of the best views if the volcano and Caldera. Not to mention that their wide choice of local and international dishes will surprise you. Definitely try some of their seafood – it’s freshly sourced from the sea right next to the restaurant. Fresh and delicious!

La Maison in Imerovigli

When in La Maison, prepare for a surprise. Their culinary level is off the charts, you can get everything your heart desires, from traditional local dishes with a twist up to some molecular and ultra modern approaches to cooking. Their on the hunt to find the new tastes of Santorini, Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

Athenian House in Imerovigli

As the name suggests, this restaurant is quite different from La Maison. The staff of Athenian House is hard at work to restore Greek cuisine back to its roots – they follow the strict traditional approach of Mediterranean cooking to bring you the ultimate authentic taste of the region.

Roka in Oia

Roka is operating out of an old captains house built in 1912, it has a pleasant old-timey vibe that allows you to hide from the crowds a bit. The same can be said about their menu – it is full of classic, heartwarming Greek dishes that do not disappoint.

Ambrosia in Oia

You cannot talk about the wonderful dishes of this restaurant without mentioning the stunning location – Ambrosia sits literally on top of the Oia village and lets you overlook the volcano as you enjoy their premium menu. They describe their menu as a “culinary fairytale” and they’re not far from the truth.

So the choice is yours, it all depends on what you want from your culinary adventure. Regardless, you won’t be disappointed.

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