The ultimate Santorini honeymoon hotel and villa list

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The ultimate Santorini honeymoon hotel & villa list.

Every year thousands of lovely couples flock to the small Greek island of Santorini to exchange wedding vows, enjoy their honeymoon, have a getaway from everyday life … you name it! And of course, all you need is your loved one, but the place you manage to book for the nights can make or break the experience – it’s usually the closest restaurant, beach, pool and chill spot combined!

So today I thought I could round up some of the best places to look into if you’re looking for a quiet, romantic getaway in Santorini. I’ve worked and lived on the island for years and talked to numerous couples that have been staying all over the island – I’m no definitive authority by any chance, but I think I have some info to bring to the table ;)

Villa Indigo Santorini – the ultimate retreat for six. You get your own authentic villa with stunning views right from your breakfast table, bubble bath and more! If you have enough travel buddies, definitely take a look.

Villa Aqua Santorini – another traditional white Greek gem, sleeps 4 people. Simple and airy interiors that provide everything you might ever need.

Katikies Hotel – modern and spacious rooms with – of course – some of the best views included. Excellent service and calm atmosphere.

Some other notable mentions to look into are Atrina Canava 1894, Andronis Boutique Hotel, Panorama Studios & Suites, Rocabella Santorini Hotel & Spa and Andronis Luxury Suites – some of the best and highest rated hotels around Santorini, and for a good reason. Haven’t heard any complaints about the experience with these.

This should get you off the ground Remember to plan your travels well in advance though, especially during the peak tourist season – these places are notorious for booking real fast!

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