Why is Santorini so Famous?

When you’re planning a trip to Greece, you probably hear a lot about Santorini island. But why is everyone talking about it and what makes this Greek island so famous?

 Its beauty

Island of Santorini, also named Thira, is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. I’m sure you will have seen pictures of it. Blue skies, steep Caldera cliffs plunging down to the turquoise blue Aegean sea, picturesque cliff towns, beaches, infinity pools and of course famous blue domes. This combination of traditional Greek architecture with modern life is what gave it a reputation for being such a desirable and romantic destination.

Food and hospitality

Santorini has been a popular destination since 1970, when it became famous worldwide for its unique landscape. Since centuries Greeks have been known for their good cuisine and hospitality. Santorini caters very well for their visitors and it is celebrated for its restaurants and hotels. In every village on the island you’ll find Greek restaurants serving traditional dishes. You will be spoiled for choice for vendors offering delicious seafood, vegetables and deserts.

Wondering where you need to go for a nice meal? You can find good restaurants in every village, but the most famous are located in Oia, Imerovigli and Fira. For sea food look no further than Ammoudi Bay, a small fishing village next to Oia, with the most gorgeous sunset view.

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The picturesque towns and villages on the Caldera cliffs.

The most famous are Oia, Fira,  Pyrgos and Imerovigli.

Pyrgos looks as it might have looked a hundred years ago, since strict regulations have controlled the architecture here.

Oia is a very pretty town. It is popular with visitors because of its whitewashed houses and beautiful blue domes setting on the caldera side with the volcano view.

Fira is the capital of Santorini and sits above the old harbor. It attracts a great deal of tourists and has fast pace of life, because it is in the middle of the island.

Imerovigli has it all – caldera view, blue churches, and most amazing sunsets. Quiet and relaxed. This village has a slow-paced life. You will often be greeted by strangers on their morning or evening walks.

The opportunity to have a break
on the beach

Santorini island offers many opportunities to take a break on many of its beautiful beaches. Restaurants in Kamari and Perissa will spoil you with the choice of food you can enjoy while lounging on a beach. Sipping on a cocktail. Enjoying life.

Hikes along the Caldera side

Most people are planning for a trip along the Caldera side by car or ATV, which is a great thing to do. But when you have a bit more time on your hands, park your car, put on your hiking shoes and go on a hike!

Santorini is popular with walkers and hikers and is well placed to offer some magnificent hiking routes – like the path from Fira to Oia – The hike takes 3 to 5 hours depending on how fast you walk and offers some amazing views. 

Length: is just under 10.5km (6.5 miles)
Difficulty: Easy
When to Go: Morning and late afternoon are the best times to do this walk in order to avoid the midday heat (particularly during the summer months).

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A rich and vibrant history

Santorini offers the opportunity to relax at the beach, with a swim in the beautiful warm waters of the Aegean sea, enjoy the wonderful views of Caldera and the volcano, hiking, delicious food and warm hospitality. Added to this, it also has a rich and vibrant history to explore. From the Cycladic white and blue architecture to ancient ruins– they all connect us to Santorini’s history.

Santorini’s volcano erupted in a colossal explosion around 1600 BC, one of the biggest ever to occur in human history. The history says this catastrophic event brought an end to the Minoan civilization that existed at the time on Crete and Santorini, and shaped the island into its present form.

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The secret of how to visit the most iconic spots of Santorini in just one day

Greetings from Santorini in quarantine time :)

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