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Valentine’s Day is coming up and that means people will be looking for that special place to have a romantic dinner. Of course, Santorini is a destination for lovers around the Globe and it is the place in Greece where Valentine’s Day is any day you want J Regardless of the time you’re reading this post, here are some awesomely romantic restaurants which not only serve great food, but offer a great view of the best the island has to offer – cliffs, the sea and the small romantic villages. Off course, there are many more restaurants in Santorini, but here’s a small selection:

1800 Restaurant in Oia — not only do they have marvelous interior spaces, they have a roof garden as well. From it you can enjoy a view of the Caldera and the volcano. Roof gardens are very traditional for Greek restaurants in Santorini, they’re ideal for having romantic dinners and enjoying sunsets and looking at the stars in the sky as it gets darker. The restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

La Maltese Restaurant in Imerovigli — it offers a unique contemporary Mediterranean cuisine unlike any other, plus the restaurant and the hotel it is located in offers one of the most stunning views of the Aegean Sea you can experience.

Selene Restaurant the Pyrgos village close to Fira — this place has something unique to offer. Apart from serving a cuisine made entirely from local products of the season, its location and the view it offers is original. The restaurant is located in a village which was built around a medieval castle — it’s located in one of the highest points on the island. Moreover, it is next to some of the famous Santorini vineyards. That’s why the view is a unique mix of the luscious, green farmland and vineyards combined with some cliffs and the Aegean Sea further away — truly beautiful!

Santorini is really a destination for people who like to love, laugh and enjoy the wonders of nature. Hope this serves as inspiration for you to visit some of these places.


Photo by Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte.


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