This couple contacted me and told about their spontaneous idea of organizing a photo session. Well, I had a free afternoon, and I was more than ready to help them J

We agreed to meet in one of the oldest villages on Santorini island — Megalochori. It turned out to be the perfect time for a photo session, the weather was glorious and we enjoyed walking around in the warm evening. The light seemed to illuminate the narrow streets in a special way that day. That’s why we decided to take the photographs in a manner that would highlight the uniqueness of these streets and the small churches and the luscious bougainvillea flowers growing there.

I am always ready to fulfil your ideas and I’m open to any suggestions to make your photo session about you and your favorite sights/places and details of the region. Working with this couple was very fun, and I think everyone left Megalochori with a sense that we did something great that day.

Write me a message to arrange your special photo session adventure.

Santorini-destionation-weekend-travel-photo-shoot-2 Greece-photo-session-holiday-loving-couple-Santorini-2 Santorini-holiday-couple-portraits-Megalochori-sunset-greece Santorini-destionation-weekend-travel-photo-shoot Greece-photo-session-holiday-loving-couple-Santorini-3 Greece-photo-session-holiday-loving-couple-Santorini Santorini-destionation-weekend-travel-photo-shoot-4 Santorini-holiday-couple-portraits-Megalochori-sunset-greece-3 Santorini-holiday-couple-portraits-Megalochori-sunset-greece-2 Santorini-destionation-weekend-travel-photo-shoot-3

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte.

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