Five awesome reasons to visit Santorini

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Five awesome reasons to visit Santorini

Off course, there are even more reasons to come and take a look at this unique place of Greece, but here’s a rundown of some of the reasons I think you should book your flight to Santorini.

Sunsets. You have missed a lot if you have not witnessed the perfect sunset over the small Greek villages with white houses around here.

Wine. Santorini vine is really unique (get to know more about that here ). The majority of Greece is very rocky, but the special volcanic soil of these islands makes them the perfect place to grow the perfect wine grape.

Donkey rides. Yes, that’s right – donkey rides. It might not seem like much fun, but – believe me – you must get rid of some of these preconceptions and just try to book a ride on this small animal. It’s very fun and it actually takes you back to the traditional Greek way of getting around the islands.

Stunning scenery. Only a small part of the natural beauty of this place can be captured in photographs. You must see it with your own eyes. And bring back some beautiful photographs, off course :)

Archaeology/history. Greece has a rich history and many sites have remained from the times that have long passed. Plus, many more temples, historical sites etc. have been newly discovered and you can have a look at some of the sites in which new historical artifacts are being found every day. It really makes you feel like an explorer, not just a tourist.

 So there you have it. Come and visit Santorini and share your five best things about this place. See you soon!


Santorini-greece-view-summer-holiday Green-santorini-winter-fira-vacation

Green Santorini at the winter time, photos by Anna Sulte. 2015

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