Although travelling by plane is undoubtedly the most popular means of transport nowadays, there still are other options out there as well.

 Off course, air travel is the fastest way to reach Santorini (as the island is very small, you can basically reach all the nearby villages from it). There’s another option to consider if you like a more relaxed, slower pace of travel – cruises. It’s worth looking into what the cruise companies have to offer, you can arrange a cruise that will get you to Santorini (and possibly, cruise around different parts of Greece) OR you can choose a cruise that will take you around the islands and all the villages etc. You should definitely consider this way of travelling if you want to get around and

Add a social aspect to your travel (having parties, relaxing with friends, meeting new people)

Travel around and just relax between the stops. Your hotel is always with you, and you don’t have to worry about train schedules, booking accommodation etc.

Besides, it might even be cheaper than other ways of getting around in certain seasons. Take a look at the pricing; you might save some money ;)

If you happen to be ashore in Santorini, write me a message! We can go explore the city and have an awesome photo shoot while you’re here.

Santorini-cruise-ship-sunset-photography Santorini-at-sunset-is-it-for-you

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