Loving Swedish couple’s honeymoon photo session in Imerovigli

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Loving Swedish couple’s honeymoon photo session in Imerovigli


Santorini is definitely one of the best places if you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway destination. That was exactly what this lovely Swedish couple did! I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Elena and Stellos were very elegant and poised and even though they weren’t too talkative, there was no need for words — you could just feel the special bond between them. I hope I managed to capture at least one percent of this special feeling.

Maybe you’re looking for a romantic getaway yourself? Consider coming to Santorini, it’s really worth it! Whether you’re looking for a place where you can be alone with your loved one or you’re looking for some adventure together, Santorini is the place for you. Valentine’s is coming up; it could be the perfect time for your travel. Enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about taking pictures – hire a photographer. Not only will you have great pictures to show back home, a couple’s photo session is yet another romantic adventure for the two of you!

Take care and see you soon.


Santorini_photographer_destination_honeymoon_romatic_photo_shoot-3 Santorini_photo_shoot_unique_spots_photography Santorini_photographer_couple_portraits_honeymoon_story-3 Santorini_photo_session_shoot_elegant_unique_spots-4 Santorini_photo_session_shoot_elegant_unique_spots-2 Santorini_photo_session_shoot_elegant_unique_spots Santorini_photographer_couple_portraits_honeymoon_story-4 Santorini_photo_shoot_unique_spots_photography-5 Santorini_photo_shoot_unique_spots_photography-2 Santorini_photo_session_photographer_couple_in_love-3 Santorini_photo_shoot_unique_spots_photography-3 Santorini_photographer_destination_honeymoon_romatic_photo_shoot-2

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte

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