The island of Santorini and the Mediterranean in general is a rather particular place visually and temperature wise that is why certain colors and tones look better on the background of this magical sea green, blue skies and colorful small houses. If you are planning to attend a photo session, you should definitely scan through your wardrobe and look for the most suitable outfits to look your best on the photo shoot day.

So here are some tips on the best colors to wear in Santorini – I have made these observations during my years of working as a photographer here on the island.

  1. Blue looks good together with the blue Santorini church domes and doors as well as the sea. You can make the outfit even better by adding golden details to compliment the caldera and the plenty sunny days around the area.
  2. Orange and pink is best for sunset shots to create that special softness and romance.
  3. Another less traditional option is purple – it balances white and blue that can be found everywhere in Santorini – the small houses, blue church domes, the sea etc. It really works well in this environment.
  4. You can definitely go for a classic white outfit but you should be careful – if you’re going for a couple photo session, one of you should wear a different color. When two people wear white outfits, that’s a bit too much – try to balance it out either with one person choosing a totally different color or by adding various colorful details to your style.

And that’s it – it’s as easy as that! These four golden color principles will make your photos really stand out and will make you the star of the photo session. Of course, one last bit of any outfit should be your smile and joy – that is the final accessory!

Get inspired by looking at photo sessions in Santorini.

photo-session-on-Santorini-what-to wear-destination-love-story-003

photo-session-on-Santorini-what-to wear-destination-love-story-002.jpg

photo-session-on-Santorini-what-to wear-destination-love-story-005

photo-session-on-Santorini-what-to wear-destination-love-story-001

Photoshoot in Oia village, Santorini.

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  1. mariestupak says:

    Love this post! Great outfit indeed! I have just set up a blog and people like you inspire me a lot! Big thanks :) If you will have some time, you can check it out and stare some thoughts with me :) I would be very thankful

    xoxo, Marie


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