Hey, I’m glad you stumbled upon this post! If you’re reading this you’re most probably considering your Santorini private destination wedding. Let me give you just some quick pointers before your decision. These are just some things to consider.

  • Total freedom to do what you want on your wedding day
    You don’t have to adhere to any norms or other official ceremonies, what you do on your wedding day is really up to you! Since you’ll be the only wedding guests, you can get very wild and creative. Maybe you want to get married and go diving all day long? Or maybe you want to spend the whole day in a restaurant or hiking the island? There are no limits, really.
  • Stress-free
    It will be less stressful as there are no official strict schedules to follow etc. It’s just about you two and the things you enjoy most
  • No family and friends by your side
    This is simultaneously the best and the worst thing of such a type of wedding. You’re not so stressed because you don’t have crowds of people; however, you won’t have your closest friends and family by your side as well. There is a solution to this, see point 4.
  • You can organise a small pre-wedding ceremony back home!
    Lots of couples opt to take the best from two worlds and just make a small celebration the day before they’re coming to Santorini. It is usually a small gathering of the closest friends and family and it is quite relaxed. Off course, you can get really formal — it’s up to you!
  • Getting creative with your look and wedding photos!
    Who says you have to have a white dress and tuxedo? We usually tend to stick to tradition when we’re holding big ceremonies, but this could be the occasion to get creative! Maybe you want a ping Greek style dress? The same goes for your wedding photo session; you could go on a hike to a mountain and have it there if you want to!

Hope this helps you make up your mind. Regardless of the type of wedding you want to have, Santorini is definitely a good choice for romantic trips, weddings and honeymoons — this is probably one of the most romantic spots on earth!



Thank you Marissa and Nick for an amazing Santorini photo shoot.
I wish you all the best!






Photo shoot by photographer located on Santorini Anna Sulte

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