Many of my clients return home and print their Santorini photo session photographs there, so I thought I should give you some basic info on how to achieve the best results. In this case I am doing the photography part i.e. capturing the images and you have the responsibility for picking the right kind of printing — both are equally important to get the best final result. Here are the two basic points to remember:

  • Don’t expect that very cheap printing will be good quality. If you’re printing your images at Walmart, dollar store etc. don’t expect very good quality. Of course, the price might be tempting, but they’re able to offer the same service at a fraction of the price because they save money on ink, printers and paper — that obviously has an effect on the final outcome.
  • The resolution of the original files you submit for printing matters — make sure you use the best quality images! If you’re unsure about image sizes, pixels etc., just check the file size of the photograph on your computer — better quality images generate a larger file size. If you’re ever asked to specify a number for ‘’dots per inch’’ or ‘’dpi’’, you should know that 300 dpi is standard and anything below that is considered low quality printing — usually print shops will indicate the image size in pixels they need.

Here you can see how big your printed files would look like on your wall.


On a side note, if you want to print a photograph on a canvas, the print quality might be less than 300 dpi due to the specific material and it will still look good!
Actually, that’s it! If you keep this in mind, you will most definitely get better prints. Happy printing!

To reach this printing quality, but if you’re unsure, you can use this link for guidelines.



Santorini portrait and vacation photographer.

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