Every once in a while you get to experience magical moments, and I am glad that my job really allows to share the happiness of these beautiful couples I meet. This time was even more special. I got to see the magical shine in the eyes of a soon-to-be bride.

I met Luke and Sarah at their amazingly romantic Santorini sunset dinner. Little did Sarah know that this is not your ordinary dinner. This was already a very romantic evening when Luke asked the special question (and, without doubt, she said yes). The love was in the air, truly, so I did my best to try to capture at least a part of the magic that was flowing around them.

I must say that they are truly a special couple, there’s certain elegance in them that very often people from Singapore have. It’s really something you cannot put in words easily – they’re just so pleasant to be around!

I wish them the very best and I am sure that they will have a magnificent wedding.

P.S. They said they used to be merely colleagues — you never know where you might find your true love.

Love life and see you in Santorini.

Santorini-sunset-romatic-portrait-shoot-destination-location Santorini-engagement-photo-shoot-dana-villas Santorini-photo-shoot-lifestyle-portraits Amazing-Santorini-proposal-engagement-shoot Santorini-proposal-shoot-elegant-engagment Engaged-in-Santorini-destination-proposal Santorini-destination-photo-shoot-sunset-amazing Romantic-sunset-photo-shoot-elegant Santorini-photo-shoot-portrait-destination Santorini-photo-shoot-with-anna-sulte-relaxed Santorini-photo-shoot-flowers-elegant sunset-photo-shoot-Santorini-destination Fun-photo-shoot-Santorini-destination-fine-art Santorini-sunset-pre-wedding-shoot-dreamy Romatic-Santorini-photo-shoot-stylish

Santorini engagement photo shoot photographed by Santorini vacation photographer Anna Sulte

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