Photographer Santorini, engagement in Oia

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Photographer Santorini, engagement in Oia

During the summer season of 2021, I got an inquiry from Brandon about an engagement shoot in Santorini.

Brandon wanted to have an epic view of their engagement, so on a sunny August day, I met Julia and Brandon in Oia village. He proposed on a rooftop with a vista of the well-known caldera and Blue dome view.

Blue domes in Santorini, couples photo shoot.

Santorini is a land of winds and crystal clear waters, steep cliffs, and captivating untamed beaches.

Surprise proposal with Oia view, Greece
Classic Santorini view. Couple hugging.
Couple having fun, a natural image of a couple in Santorini.
Blue dome in Oia with a couple who are just engaged.
Santorini street with blue domes and a couple hugging.
Couples photoshoot on the steps in Greece.
Ring photography in Santorini. Santorini steps.
Santorini epic Caldera view. Santorini cliffs and a photo shoot of a couple just engaged.

Pictures by Anna Sulte, Santorini photographer

Location: Greece

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