Oia, Caldera village, honeymoon shoot

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Oia, Caldera village, honeymoon shoot

Stephanie and Charles had their honeymoon in Greece, they stopped here on the island of Santorini for a few days and they wanted to take their honeymoon photos with me in a Caldrea village, with all the beautiful views of Santorini. We had so much fun adventuring around Oia.

One of the reasons why fog is the best accessory for my couples, is that it makes Santorini much more mysterious and special, one of a kind experience :) The views are absolutely incredible in Santorini no matter where you are. But I’ve always loved Oia in the early morning hours as you have the incredible blue domes, whitewashed village and the caldera all to yourself.

Engagement Photography Location: Santorini village Oia.

If you are interested in booking with me, Anna, for your honeymoon photo shoot, please visit my Contact Page.

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