Destination Proposal Greece Santorini

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Destination Proposal Greece Santorini

The year 2020 was not lost, it just was something very very different. People adapted to the new way of life, but engagements and weddings didn’t disappear. Destination photo shoots became family porch shoots or even “Zoom” shoots. And those who were comfortable to travel did SO. And found themselves having the best times of their lives, as the most touristy places like Santorini and Bali were almost empty.

Mike and Leona traveled to Santorini from the UK. They came in the mids of October, and it is the best time to enjoy calm Santorini autumn. Santorini weather treats us with many sunny +24 C days, even when other EU countries have changed their wardrobe to jumpers and coats.

Mike choose me to capture their engagement. It was a surprise proposal in Oia town, followed by a little stroll through the quiet streets of the village, where we’ve turned that Santorini magic into amazing engagement shots.

Will I ever get tired of shooting in Santorini? Most likely no. There’s just something about capturing the magic between two people and take part in their live’s most precious moments. Every shoot is something special, something unique and I’m here to catch that feeling – the reason why we do anything – the feeling of true love.

Here are few words fro Mike and Leona:

“Thank you so much for helping me arrange this and put it together. I honestly couldn’t have made it go so smoothly if it wasn’t for you. 
Leona is so happy with the outcome and the photos you sent look incredible! Thank you for being so prompt with everything and for all your and Alex’s help today. 
Thank you again!”

About Santorini Photographer Anna Sulte

I’m a Santorini photographer telling stories of love, stories of finding a true connection. Stories of exploring magical places between the mountains and the sea. I can also provide more information about Santorini Photoshoot and how to prepare for it. :) Let’s talk!

I’ll be happy to be a part of your story, if only for a moment.

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