Best Photo Villages on the island of Santorini

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Best Photo Villages on the island of Santorini

Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and home to amazing sunsets, blue dome churches, and infinity pools with views straight from the pages of travel magazines. You don’t have to travel far (if at all) to take amazing photos of your visit to Santorini. But just in case your time on the island is limited, here is a short guide to capture “must-have” shots that will forever remind you of your days spent here.

Oia is probably one of the most photographed places on Earth. The famous Three Blue Domes adorn millions of postcards and you can’t spend time in Santorini and leave without taking a photo with this iconic view! Just make sure to get there early in the morning before the crowds wake up! It’s quite easy to find, a minute walk from the main square. If you don’t mind the crowds, then capturing the sunset while sitting on the walls of the old Oia Castle is something you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s an amazing experience, the colors are stunning and the windmills in the background create a truly unique ambiance. 

If big crowds are something you’re trying to avoid, a cliffside village of Imerovigli offers even better sunset views. The amazing caldera reflects the setting sun and the boats look like little toys from the height of about 1000 feet. The Anastasi church with its blue dome will give your photos “that Santorini look”. Imerovigli is a small village, it takes only 20 minutes to walk its length, but it always turns into at least an hour – there are many spots you will want to stop at to snap a quick selfie. Add an extra hour if you plan to visit Skaros Rock – the 360º view that opens from the top of this cliff is totally worth the hike!

Keep walking south from Imerovigli and you will find yourself in Firostefani village. Firostefani and the neighboring Fira (the capital of the island) are the best spots if you want to include the volcano and famous Santorini church bells in your photo album.

Away from the noise and the busy life of towns located at the edge of the caldera, there are three villages that will charm you and introduce you to a more “traditional” Santorini. Pyrgos is the highest village on the island. Naturally, the views are unique and the narrow streets will have you wandering here for hours! Plenty of blue dome churches and romantic alleys for your photographic needs! Emporio is another quiet village with narrow streets and traditional architecture. The Castle here with its cute little houses will more than make up for the lack of view throughout most of the village. Megalochori, one of the oldest settlements on Santorini offers quiet walks with frequent stops to snap a photo (or ten) of countless blue doors, bougainvillea flowers, and blue dome churches.

Santorini is also home to some unique beaches. Make sure to visit the Red Beach near Akrotiri. Its cliffs the color of red brick and black volcanic sand are an impressive backdrop for your vacation photos. The beach gets quite busy later in the day, so come early. Just a short boat ride away is White Beach. Because there’s no other way to get here but by boat, White Beach is one of the quietest and isolated, creating an ideal place for relaxation and peaceful moments.

So, as you can see, Santorini offers something to fulfill anyone’s photographic needs. So, grab your camera and start snapping!

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