Santorini Photographer’s life in quarantine.

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Santorini Photographer’s life in quarantine.

I’ve spent much of the past decade watching as Santorini hotels and airports have never ending buzz. Travelers from all over word, coffee shops and restaurants full, people laughing and chatting while watching the most beautiful sunsets in the world. But now! With all travel delayed, time stretches out, no one is around, sunsets and sunrises are only for us, locals.

How things will look like in Greece in 2020 during or after Corona virus? I suppose vastly different from what we have used to.

Most of us are trying to turn our new inability to travel into a positive with more time spent with family, photo projects or education. Although perspective of health and economic crisis looming in the near future is terrifying for everyone on the Island.

I hope you and your families are safe, friends! Stay strong!

Empty Santorini

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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