Warm wishes from Santorini! :)


I hope everyone will get opportunity like me, to put work aside and enjoy holidays. My mind just wants to do some work stuff, but I decided to force it to be quiet for a while. I think good ideas and creativity comes when you teach your brain to discard from everyday noise.

Merry Christmas and free your mind :) Best best wishes form Santorini.

Love Anna.


Sunset in Fira…

Hello :)

The summer season is here, but weather doesn’t agree with that. This week we had sand storm, thunder storm and many windy days. :)

The summer season for locals mean work work and work, people are working for 10 hours and no weekends or holidays for 6 month. Let’s be kind to each other. :)

I opened my Instagram account, so I can post some pic from my phone, while my DSLR is sleeping at home.

Here are few shots from Fira town in Sunset time.. :)

Fira. Thira Santorini street and Donkeys Fira Street in Thira Street. Fira Musician in streets of FiraEnjoying Sunset Santorini volcano. Sunset Fira

Photography in Santorini by Anna :)

Summer feeling in Greece

Summer feeling in Santorini.

Sometimes you can meet people for first time and there is a feeling that you have been familiar for ever. They understand you and you understand them. This is my summer feeling, especially here in Greece where everybody is happy to meet you. You go to the store and people are smiling, you go to the beach and people are kind…. you go to do photo session and people are passing by and saying that you are beautiful.
I feel urge to go for a walk in streets of Santorini…:)… maybe we will meet some day.

Colorful Santorini
Colorful Santorini

More photos of Yukie photo session in Firostefani in my website- http://www.santorini-vacation-photographer.com

Photographer in Thira, by Anna Shulte.

Christmas lights

I have thought about going to Fira, the capital of Santorini and take few shots with Christmas lights, but if I do so, I have to go by bike and in the evening, when it is cold and raining. And all I do is postpone, but now after Christmas it does not make any sense to go to photograph these decorations.

Here are some shots from Santorini village of Oia…

Oia village, Santorini blue doors. Greece Oia village, Santorini. Greece Oia village, stairs, Santorini. Greece

Santorini photography by Anna Shulte


Stormy mind in Santorini

Santorini cloudy day. Thirassia

Stormy mind in Santorini

I woke up and understood that my morning isn’t so good. Why? No reason at all. Glad that I do not have any big jobs today, so I decided to give a little bit rest to my mind. :)

I would go somewhere to cheer me up, but Santorini is limited with nature (forest or parks), entertainment or food. The transportation (Santorini buses) in winter time is poor, so if I decide to go to the Perissa beach for a walk.

Santorini cloudy day. Thirassia

Santorini Vacation Photographer Anna Sulte

First school day. Santorini.

First school day. Santorini.

First school day. Santorini.

It is warm and soft weather today. We went to the school of Megalochori, as every year, we had blessing for all students and teachers. In Greece school starts at 11th of September.
Everybody says Καλή χρόνια, Καλή χρόνια!! Which means -have a good year…! KALI HRONIA friends!First school day. Santorini.

Date | 11.10.13
Location | Greece, Santorini, Megalochori
Santorini Photographer | Anna Shulte

Santorini Photos by Anna Shulte

Street Photography

Street Photography. I left my room for a minute and my youngest daughter started to play with my laptop,and accidentally found this movie about Street Photographer -Vivian Maier. As it was turned on I watched till the end. Excellent composition, Vivian! :)