Some Santorini healthy food tips

Let’s face it, vacation is probably the least likely time you will be thinking of maintaining your healthy diet. Car rides, longer days or just the very relaxed atmosphere alone will probably make you too laze about the food choices you make. But there’s a secret, there are ways to enjoy both super healthy and delicious meals every time.

            One tip would be – try to look into vegetarian/vegan options while out of the house, even if you’re eating meat. This often lends to food that is more fresh and healthy, as the chefs will use the same amount of money on specialty vegetable dishes.

            Secondly, a great way to save money while eating good and having fun, is visiting the local markets. I’ve shared my secrets on Santorini markets and food options in this article, give it a read if you have a minute and you’ll have expert tips from a local ;)

            Another plus of doing the markets approach is the ability to prepare your own meals for times you’re going on a hike etc. You can even arrange a romantic picknick with the Caldera views and freshly made food straight from the kitchen of your AirBnB.

            Simple things, but these small decisions will make a bit difference both in your health and wellbeing and travel expenses.

Photography by Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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