Renting a boat in Santorini might be a better idea than you thought, here are 5 reasons why!

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Renting a boat in Santorini might be a better idea than you thought, here are 5 reasons why!

Not many people actually consider renting a boat of their own in Santorini. I’d say that it’s pretty much a missed opportunity! Many go for organised boat tours and the like, without even knowing that they can get their own boat for a whole day and head wherever they please on the magical clear water of the Aegean Sea surrounding the island.

So here’s some reasons you might consider it:

  1. You do not need a licence. As long as you have your drivers licence and comply to the rules and do not get into some open sea exploration, you’re fine with travelling around the island without a boat captains licence.
  2. It is budget friendly. Well, if you compare it to renting a yacht with a captain or taking an extended boat tour.
  1. You get privacy. You do not have to share your boat with anyone if you do not want to. In contrast to boat tours, where you might not feel so free to organise your own boat party, go to less known places or just swim longer than others might want to.
  2. Unmatched freedom. You do not have to bother about schedules, waiting for others or in contrast, convincing others to stay longer in some beach spot. You’re in charge of your own adventure. And you get the thrill of riding a boat on your own.
  3. Get down to exploring. When you’re on your own, travelling through beach spots and sights becomes a little treasure hunt. You have a map and approximate idea where everything is, the rest is up to you. You get more pleasure out of reaching your destination compared to when a captain that has been doing this for years takes you places. Being more proactive gets you more satisfaction at the end of the day.

So yeah, this one is for the adventurers, for the thrill seekers, for the ones that wish to take the path less travelled and see where they end up. Happy sailing!

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