I met with Ashley and James a while ago and, oh boy, they were a stunning Canadian couple indeed!

        Before the photo session we discussed the photographs that they enjoyed the most, and it turned out that they like the shots with overcast sky (let me just add that Santorini is considered to be one of the places with most sunny days a year). They wanted it, and voilà – the day of their photo shoot really was overcast! It was more than unusual – during the summer season, we have two, three overcast days maximum, and one of them was devoted to Ashley and James

            I’m really glad how everything turned out, and they were too. Reading their feedback brought a smile to my face,

“These are all AMAZING!!! You are so talented.  :) James and I just looked through them and we love every single one! I couldn’t be happier!”

photographer-santorini-life-style-romantic-engagement-001 santorini-photo-shoot-cloudy-hineymoon-destination-005 santorini-photo-shoot-cloudy-hineymoon-destination-004 photographer-santorini-life-style-romantic-engagement-003 santorini-photo-shoot-cloudy-hineymoon-destination-002 santorini-photo-shoot-cloudy-hineymoon-destination-003 photo-session-caldera-photographer-couples-portraits-oia-002 photographer-santorini-life-style-romantic-engagement-005 photo-session-caldera-photographer-couples-portraits-oia-004 photo-session-caldera-photographer-couples-portraits-oia-003 santorini-photo-shoot-cloudy-hineymoon-destination-001

Photo session with Santorini located photographer Anna Sulte


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