Santorini is truly the place to be for all lovers around the world. The island is like a big magnet of the most loving couples and newlyweds, and that is why I get to work with beautiful loving people that have come from the other side of the globe!

This was the case with the beautiful Yusuke and Misa, who came for their honeymoon all the way from Japan. I saw the light in their eyes as they walked around the most iconic sights of Santorini that they have previously imagined seeing in person… the 90 minute photo shoot was the ideal choice for them!

Oh boy, they looked so good together! She had this amazing dress designed by Jenny Packham  and he was ever so handsome in his classic suit… as I walked along the streets of Santorini with this couple, I felt grateful to be a part of something truly special.

natural-light-bride-santorini-post-wedding-session-oia-004 santorini-post-wedding-photo-shoot-photographer-greece-005 natural-light-bride-santorini-post-wedding-session-oia-007 natural-light-bride-santorini-post-wedding-session-oia-001 santorini-post-wedding-photo-shoot-photographer-greece-004 santorini-honeymoon-trash-the-dress-photo-session-003 santorini-honeymoon-trash-the-dress-photo-session-001 santorini-post-wedding-session-wedding-gown-dress-couple-love-story-001 santorini-post-wedding-session-wedding-gown-dress-couple-love-story-003

Santorini based photographer Anna Sulte


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