The tale of Chris, Courtney and the surprise of a lifetime in Santorini

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The tale of Chris, Courtney and the surprise of a lifetime in Santorini

I’m all for surprises and various creative ways to capture special moments. And what could be more special than a proposal!? Chris contacted me and shared his idea of a surprise proposal to Courtney in one of the most romantic places on Earth – the Santorini caldera. Of course I was up for it!

We had this all planned. He wanted to propose her on the caldera, so we found the perfect spot with a wide view of the caldera that does not attract crowds. My job was to remain unseen and capture the moment as it unfolds. We even agreed on the approximate position of the proposal and that he’ll stay on his knee for longer for the sake of art and capturing the reactions of Courtney, who was absolutely amazed by all of this.

proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-001 proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-002 proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-003 proposal-santorini-destination-surprise-oia-thira-photo-shoot-004 engagement-destination-santorini-propsal-couples-portraits-001 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-001 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-002 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-003 santorini-vacation-photosession-lifestyle-love-story-travel-005 engagement-destination-santorini-propsal-couples-portraits-002 engagement-destination-santorini-propsal-couples-portraits-003

Santorini photo shoot by Anna Sulte, Santorini based photographer.

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